April 9th, 2006

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Since I haven't posted anything new in a while, here are some sneaky peekies at my current projects. :3

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And after these, expect 2 new suits, VM (for my mate), and Null (for me). VM should be done before September. Null, I dunno. :3

Wooden tail vertebrae?

This may have been discussed before (if so, I missed it), but has anyone tried using one of those jointed wooden toy snakes as the vertebrae of their tail, in order to get a more natural side-to-side swish/wag? I'm talking about these:


Would it work? They have plastic jointed ones as well--and two or more can be snapped together for extra length--but I imagine they wouldn't stay snapped together due to the weight of the tail (the wooden ones are connected with a leather strap and are far more sturdy). Just thought I'd ask since those snakes are rather easy to find and cheap. :)

Thanks for any input! :)

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get back in the car!

After the local bowling meet last night, I arrived back on my campus around five in the morning and I sure as heck wasn't going to drag my fursuits back in the building- I had just barely managed to stay awake on the ride home.

So I left them in my car overnight. I have two suits sitting in a plastic bucket in the back of my fursuit van, with the heads sitting on the back seating looking out the windows.

I've heard horror stories of glue melting and things falling apart- it's currently a chilly 55 F and sunny. I have the windows all rolled up, but I don't think it's going to get warm enough to melt anything. Especially considering my dorm room is regularly 80+ degrees!

I actually plan to start leaving my suits out in the car on a regular basis, simply because there's no room in my dorm room. For now, temperature isn't a factor, but are there any other issues I should consider when leaving my stuff in an unattended vehicle for long periods of time? I would think vandalism would be a factor, but I don't see why it would be any different with fursuits in the car; the windows are tinted and it's still on a college campus.

As much as I dislike my last suit, I'd hate to see something happen to it due to a silly oversight. Any suggestions?

Adaven's not making progress... Eye help please?

For some reason, Kelekia's wolf head will not cooperate with eyes. Kelekia is hoping to use the 3D/'watching' eyes, but we can't seem to conquer it the concept. She bought me some foam sheets to play with but I can't seem to get it right and the plastic globes I found for her make the creature look like it's eyes are not forward but on the sides of the head (like a rabbit's, almost...). Anyone happen to have a template? Or suggestion for us?


...I'm considering the plastic bowl technique that Matrices cooked up, hoping that Kelekia will go with it, if all else just doesn't work out since I found some organza(sp?). We've researched the memories section, but can't seem to grasp the idea.

P.S. Just curious... Okay, so I went with Kelekia to "fur-swatch hunt," in hopes of finding a really nice roll of fur to use for her tail and bodysuit. We go to Hancock Fabrics and find this really nice 'cubby' fur, slightly dyed tips and very nice quality. The price on it was $69.90 (USD) per yard! (We ended up finding a plain 'cubby' one on sale for only $6 a yard.) I was wondering... Is anyone else having trouble fur/material shopping because prices have been raised elsewhere?
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Anyone by any chance ever buy fur from Plushfurs.com? Specifically any of their camel furs. I'm thinking of getting some but I hate to spend money on swatches and all furs I've bought online have been different in person. I need some yellowish fur but not bright yellow, which is about all I can find. This is the fur I'm thinking about:
Promo Shag Camel
Fancy Monglian Fur Camel

Anyone know either of these furs? I sent the company a question about pile length but I'd also like an idea of feel and in person color.
coffee cat


i've been working slowly on this fox head to go with some paws and a tail, and it's finally ready for furring XD he's got a bit of an underbite, and i think the eyes aren't quite up to snuff, so i'll probably paint some new ones. this is my first head, so i'm posting to make sure i haven't made any glaring mistakes which an experienced eye might pick up, as such things would be better fixed now. also i'm excited to hear any feed back, i'm a little nervous about furring, as i've never attempted to sew anything into quite such a shape, but i'm excited to see it come together =3

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Ahh! Pokemon! OO'

Today when I was trying to make a buffalo head for my mothers friend I spaced out and ended up with the wrong shape! ><' Doh! I do that when I'm doing homework too, my teacher have to ask me what I was saying sometimes. But instead of rippin' it appart I decided to go and make an arcanine(sp?) just cause I can XD


I know it doesn't look like arcanine but I was only goin by a drawing I did the night before. and anyway....ARTIST LICENSE!.... -Glances around and runs for Pokemon fans-


Well he needs ears, foam trimming, add some more foam on the back and I'm looking for some fur now too. Does anyone know where I can get some longish tan/beige fur for his mane and tail? And oragne too! I like the beige color from http://www.distinctivefabric.com/fabric.php?product=SLDLGHRFUR1 but I don't know how to make his mane, it should be longish or somethin'. Should I make it like a tail and add filling? Or does anyone know of some longer fur? Pwease help me ;_; Orange fur and longer beige fur, pwease tell me where to look and I'll lurve you forever! I neeeeeeeed sleep now <_>
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(no subject)

Hey all! Its been a while since I've posted here, but I wanted to have a chance to introduce my newest member of my fursuit family! This is Sweettart, a bouncy, cute pink and white female skunk. She's a sassy thing and loves to tease, and she's just generally a happy girl. Here's her latest photoshoot pics!

Warning: image heavy post!
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Many thanks to whiteyfawks for my skunkie's gorgeous head and handpaws, and the help of ladydeyote for being a stand-in when I was taking the suit in. If you ever see Sweettart in the halls of a convention, don't hestitate to run up for a hug!
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Ichi :P


Ya, kinda new to the community. :]

I would like some input on some tail's I did or am working on.

The first one is a simple white with silver thread with a black airbrushed tip, this is the first tail I ever really made from a pattern and I'm hoping to sell them sometime.


The second one is made from the same white fur with the silver thread but I airbrushed the entire thing with a few different colors. (this one isn't done)

http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c268/IchiBlack/DSCN1783.jpg Left side
http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c268/IchiBlack/DSCN1782.jpg Right side

Would be great if anyone would give me input, comments, whatever. I want to improve. :]
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