April 10th, 2006


lil help

well i got some bowls an chiffon to start my eyes, an i finished my left eye but i kinda forgot how Paws's right eye is much different, an im not sure how to be able to see thur the right one without it looking weird. I was using Matricies's bowl tutorial

heres the only good ref pic i have of Paws's eyes

the right one is just like all aquaish, i was thinking of cutting a small hole from the lil white "reflictive type dot" an getting some white mesh to see out of that. or ill use paint the whole plastic eye aqua an just see out one eye.

what you think?
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I'ce already looked in the memories and I could find anything so I have a question for you all. I'm working a mesh based hezd, I'm trying to get the moving jaw working right but for whatever reason it keeps pulling to the left side no matter what I do, I have try redoing the hinge placement, and the placment and size of the rubber bands. Yet nothing I do seems to work. Does anybody have any clue whats going on or how to fix it?
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I have finished my first head. She's a big cat/horse hybrid named Tigris Willow.


I'm having some problems with it since i've furred it. 1.) the muzzle weighs the front down which causes the back of my head to be almost completely exposed when wearing it. 2.) the moveable jaw no longer works since I've furred it (it'll open a crack when I use put full-force on it with my chin, before it was furred it would open freely all the way). Since the fur has plenty of slack and the sides of the mouth are slit open far enough, if I press hard with my hand it's difficult but I can get it to open entirely. Has anybody had a similar problem or know how to remedy either of these two things?

Also has anybody tried to drill holes into various parts of their foam heads as vents to let out the heat (like where the ear canals would be), and does it work? Since the whole head tilts, my nose gets buried into the foam, and since the mouth doesnt want to open anymore, I suffocate.