April 11th, 2006


Collar and Tag sources?

I'm nearing completion of my new costume, a decidedly cute and dopey grey & white Husky-dog. I'm finished furring the head, and I just need to work on the paws and finishing the arms on the bodysuit.

But for now, I've decided I want to get a collar, I have an idea of what I want, but I am having trouble finding it...

My question is, does anyone know of any dog collar pattern sources, or even premade collar sources for large (fursuit-sized) collars? Ebay has so many collar options its hard to navigate. All the patterns I seem to come across are for "martangle" collars, which do not have a buckle, so I'm thinking it would be impossible to slip over my human head without making it huger than necessary. ( http://www.bark.addr.com/pat/collar/collar.html )
I'd rather not get an all-nylon collar.. and I'm looking for something around 1 1/2 inches wide. And I'd also prefer something that has a metal buckle, rather than a plastic clip buckle.

I did find this neat pattern for making a bell-jingly collar, like a jester, I thought would be good to share:
though its not what I'm looking for.

I'm also looking for an oversized bone-shaped plastic dog tag, preferably engraved on both sides. I'd rather this be an engraved flat piece of plastic instead of one made of sculpy or metal or something. I noticed Rose isn't doing her tags anymore (at least at this moment) ( http://www.quadrupedaljellybean.com/tagorder.shtml )
So I'm kind of left on my own trying to see if anyone else has any other sources for engravers or oversized tags. Does anyone have any sources for this? I doubt I could do this myself, so any ideas, site links, or other sources will be helpful.
I had been following swandog's post ( http://community.livejournal.com/fursuit/1199329.html ) on her tag, although I'd also like a bone-tag, I don't want it to be metal. Just plastic (even opaque plexiglass-type stuff) engraved with the same name on both sides.

Edit: I took keeperofdreams' suggestion and found some shrink plastic at a local scrapbooking store (and also some black brads I'm planning on using for whiskerdots, which look awesome.) I have no experience with shrink plastic, but here's a shot of the product I picked up:

PolyShrink, Artist's grade shrink plastic.
The lady who helped me with it said I could use a heat gun, or bake it in the oven. It will shrink flat 45% and come out as thick as a standard button, which is perfect. There's 8 sheets in the package. And they will take sharpie/metallic markers, as well as Prismacolor pencils and a wide range of other supplies. I picked it up for $4.99. If it works out, I will post pictures of the results.
The website on the back of the packaging for the shrink plastic is http://www.luckysquirrel.com

Flugelhorn Fursuit, Part 2

Alright, well not to long ago I posted a topic about making a fursuit equipped to play the flugelhorn. I've pretty much run out of ideas to make this practical...

So, I started investigating alternatives.

I was thinking about installing a speaker system in the head to play a recording of the flugelhorn while the suiter acted along. I can probably fit the speakers in the ears, and hook up an mp3 player attachment in there somewhere. I guess I'd have to find speakers that pull power directly from the audio player to avoid excessive battery packs.

My question is: I think I've seen something like this done before, except with recordings of barks, howls, and other animal noises. How did they go about doing it?
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Polar Bear

Several people have said to me lately that I should do a bear, and well, why not? Not too difficult or flashy, but different enough to stand out, and I needed something to keep myself busy, so here he is. Since I had plenty of spare white fur, I decided he should also be a polar bear.

This guy's just a head, though I guess if his new owner asked I could give him paws too. He's also a first for me in that he's a glasses-friendly head that also has a moving jaw. I'm especially fond of his teeth! (I'm probably guilty of cheating, though, for using my canine nose and jawset moulds on him.. shhh...)

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Work in progress

I've begun construction of four suits for anthrocon this year, the first one(A white lion) I've begun work on. Here are some pics.

Any suggestions so far? Clearly its far from finished.
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I really hate to post this, but I can delete it after I get the answer...

A while ago I had posted (like, i think over a year ago) about big eared sets. And someone had posted in return, a picture of a HUGE set of Fennec ears, made for I think MicahFennec.

Does anyone have this picture? I really need the refrence now. Pleaaaaaaaassseee help meeeee XD

My Dad's Second Fursuit Head: A Capybara-ish Rat!

See? Making fursuits is addicting! My dad just finished his second head, this time he decided to make a rat, but afterwards he thought it looked more like a Capybara. The head is made entirely out of foam, the eyes, teeth, tongue, eyelids, and eyebrows are made from foamies and the nose is made from Sculpey. We stole some strands of fiber optic plastic off of my sister's fiber-optic lamp when she wasn't looking for the whiskers. And the ears are made from plush felt and pink fur. We think his teeth might be a bit big.



Any critique, suggestions, or ideas?