April 12th, 2006

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Orange fur

Has anyone gotten this orange fur from here:
Is it good quality and a good color for an arcanine? I'm really needin some orange fur now for my head @_@'
And is there a way on that site to get samples? ..I can't find none so I guess not ^^
Lalala, I gotta go help plant my dads garden now...grrrrr >
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So, I've started this crazy buisness of making a head :3 and up to now I haven't had any problems. but I'm stuck. I'm going to fur the ears seperate from the rest of the head ( I'm sewing all the fur for the head together, as gluing fur to a balaclava doesn't seem like a good idea ) and I don't know whether to..

Fur the head, stick on the ears, THEN fur them.
Fur the ears and head seperatly, and then stick the ears on, fully furred
or to just stick the ears on, fur them, and stick the rest of the fur on around them >>;

Ditto with the eyes. I got some screen, and I'm not sure how to attach the eyes around the fur.

but i come bearing more pictures of the crazy head XD; the lower jaw is crooked, but I need someone to help me stick it back on so I have to wait until someone at my house can help. or I need to get a head-dummy thing.

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New head, done except for the lack of a balaclava to wear under it. It's very plain, and intentionally, because it's a personal suit and a sort of nameless character. She's a wombat if you haven't guessed, and she's intended to be a partial. I'm working on paws and feet, and a little bob of a tail. She's meant to be wearing pyjamas, but I don't have those yet, so I have to make do.

I plan to trim the fur around the bottom jaw so it doesn't look as messy, but it looks funny in that picture because the jaw is open. :p
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Oh! She needs a name, too. Nothing aussie or aboriginal sounding... Just something plain yet fitting :)