April 14th, 2006



So judging by the Memories, lycra suits are usually the best thing to wear under a fursuit? Just checking in case I missed something

And also, would anyone know a not-too-expensive site that sells them?

Making lifecasts

So, I'm planning to make plaster lifecasts of both my hands and feet soon, and I'm going to use the method described here. For those of you who have experience in this field, how many pounds of plaster and alginate do you think I'll need?
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Hi, once more... Just thought I'd share the final results of Kelekia's "Adaven the Wolf" headpiece. We tried out the christmas ornament deal and, just to say, it actually turned out lookin' a whole lot more friendlier than we thought. So, it worked, and she loved it. Suggestions/Critiques/Comments? (particularly with how to keep the irises and pupils round?)


On the other paw, since the eyes are temporary, how does one adhere foam pieces together along with chiffon-like fabric? We learned the hard way that hot glue warps foam (hence the eyes being titled as 'temporary for the time being'). I've considered rubber cement, but I'm afraid it might irritate the eyes and nose even after it's dry. Help on this as well, please?

(P.S. Sorry about that whole "I'm doing an essay" junk from a few nights ago. o0; )
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Does anyone have any nice pics of teeth they've made with sculpey? I'm aiming for panther ones if possible. Not canines, just felines please. :0
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Kaze Lion

I recently finished this commission for a customer wanting a cute and toony style male lion. The body was made to fit someone a bit larger than my size, so it will be a much better fit on the actual owner. :)

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