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Quick note, thanks to everyone that helped out with my problem jaw. I have a nother question for y'all. Seeing as I have a week off of school, I'm thinking about doing two things, redo my caline mask, then taking a mall walk with it one. I'm wondering, my caline charater is a mix between a wolf and a snow leopard but given her markings she gets called a wolf more offent then not. Is there any way I can make the feline in her more clear in the new mask without changing her markings? Also any suggestion on how I should go about my mall walk? Thanks in advance!

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Babael Tail!

I just finished up a commission for Aquawulf7 last night- Babael's tail!

Here are the reference pictures, and here's the finished product:

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That is black fur from Joann, brown fleece from Hancock, and red scale vinyl from Distinctive Fabrics. I can't believe they market that stuff as "Great for car interiors, furniture, backdrops or fetishwear." That stuff is a bit expensive, but I wonder how it'd look for making dragon tails.

It curves naturally- no wires involved! And there's no twist, either, hooray. How do you guys like it?

Claw/fang Quick Fix!

I needed to fix a broken nail and picked up an "Acrylic Fill Kit". I thought it would be some kind of fingernail epoxy. Much to my amazement, I discover that this is actually the same stuff that dentists (and those people who make custom vampire fangs for people) use to make temporary caps/teeth. I have used dental acrylic but decided that the risk of the chemicals (they're nasty) wasn't worth the nice, realistic teeth you get, especially when taxidermy jaw sets are both inexpensive and realistic (and finished!).


But...if you ever break a rigid tooth or claw, this kit is exactly what you need for a quick fix! You would need a paper cup (not plastic!) and put the powder in and add the "acrylic liquid" drop by drop until the mix is no longer powdery (it'll look like wet sugar). Then you have about twenty-five seconds to pour it into a flexible mold or use a popsicle stick (or equavalent-- piece of cardboard or something) to scoop it into a flexible mold. In smaller quantities (like the ones mentioned in the instructions), you can also use this as an adhesive or, if you're desperate, you have a few seconds to mold it into a tooth or claw shape.

To use this like a putty, mix as above and use a stick to stir it...wait until it starts to get thick, then scoop it out (wear gloves!) and start to shape it. You only have about twenty more seconds to work it until it hardens, so be efficient. After it hardens, you can sand and polish it; takes paint well too. Neat stuff, but definitely respirator/outdoor material: the monomer is so nasty that you will absorb it through your skin and even your eyes. Brain and liver killer.

Still, it's a good resource for those odd emergencies!

Here's a good place to get it online (I love Walgreens!):


Eye forms

While I'm on a roll, here's another resource for eye forms: plastic easter eggs. Michael's has them on sale now. You can either just use them as convex eyes or use the insides as "follow you" eyes. For convex (regular, bulging outward) eyes, you'll probably have to glue them and carefully (they're brittle) saw them down to the size you need. For the concave/follow-you eyes, you can take half an egg, cut that in half. Then paint the inside of the top half (the ring-shaped piece) the color you want for the iris/white of the eye. Paint the rounded part/bottom of the egg (the outside) black, the re-glue that half into the top half of the egg backwards. This way you'll have a nice round, black pupil with a little dimension to it.


Happy Easter or Beltane or whatever you celebrate!
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I just finished my new costume today!

His head is of all-foam construction, with a static jaw, plastic bowl construction for eyes, and his nametag is made of Shrink Plastic. The bodysuit, mask, handpaws and footpaws feature long and short fur. The handpaws are stuffed with foam (in the fingertips) and have sculpy clawnails, the footpaws have plastic claws from Grey Owl Crafts. His whiskers are plastic fiber optic (from those cheap novelty lamps) and his whisker dots are black scrapbooking brads. His nose is Sculpy covered in vinyl (the same used on his eyelids).. he also has a "retractable" tongue.. Its held in via velcro, and attached with elastic to the mask.. When pulled it goes back into his mouf. :3

I am so happy he is finished! On to the pictures! (there are 29 small thumbnails that link to 29 large images for you guys. :3)
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Also, be sure to visit his Fursuiter.org profile: http://www.fursuiter.org/fursuit.php?fursuit=173

Also, if you have any questions about his constuction, let me know, I'd love to answer any questions. :3