April 16th, 2006

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Ok, lipstick cameras.

Im thinking of getting a small one, to install inside of my next fursuit head. The ones I saw on ebay were wireless and included a receiver. Either carrying that on me or on someone close by when I do outside appearances and the like. It'd be fun to see people's responses from a direct first person point of view, rather than always from whomever has a camcorder nearby.

Has anyone ever used one before? Not just in fursuiting, but at anytime? Anyone have any opinions on what to stay away from?

- Lucky
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puffy paw prototype (ahh alliteration..)

This paw is a prototype for the arm-legth paws in the works for my desert cat partial. I just did the finishing touches tonight and want to share my joy :D

I apologize for the quality of the picts *hangs head* I didn't feel like setting up all my lights for the shoot and had to lighten them up in photoshop afterwards.
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