April 17th, 2006

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ok guys, i REALLY need help. Ok, so I am making my fursona draco into a full, but my funds are all reserved till the end of may. And draco has a yellow belly and blue on the rest of him with green wave spikes on his back. How many yards of each color will i need? (fur is blue seal and yellow seal, felt for the spikes)I want to know how do you make the belly scales when the pattern is for 1 type of fur? I have never done this way before so i needed to ask. BTW: can anyone give me a link to balaclava sites that sell them or if anyone has a spare they could trade? I NEED it but as i said before my finds are tied up right now. Heres a drawing of what im planning to do:


And one other thing, should I have the zipper in the back or front for this design? oh i forgot, its a partial right now, so the arms are shoulder length, and footpaws are knee length, so the legs of the body and arms are shorter for that reason.

thanks in advance

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I got so many good replies with my last edition of 'what shall I make' that I'm doing it again :D

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Any ideas?

EDIT: Thanks all!
Seal seem to be the favorite and I'm personally very intersted in doing such a suit with this specific fur.

So I did some research, and it's going to be a spotted seal.

The seal/seagull griffon caught my eye but I eventually decided I better do a proper seal before messing around too much with nature ;D But I agree it would be an awesome suit :D

I'm planning a partial including hand and foot flippers, tail, and head. I expect the fur should stretch that far atleast. All markings/shadings will be painted.

Yay! :D
(and yes I'm referring to the creature at the bottom of the picture ;D)
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Double tail

Here's a new one for me. A two-person tail! It has belt loops at both ends for two people two wear. This was really fun to make. I'd be willing to make this for others if anyone's interested...

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Now usually I have the tail to come to a point, and use that a basis for stuffing it. This was a little different as I had to seal off one end before I could start stuffing it. The tough part was getting the stuffing past the joint in the middle, where it's narrowest. I'll have to try this out at bowling next month! Maybe...

Say, has anyone else done/seen/heard of a double-tail like this before? It would be awesome to actually have something unique for once, but if not, that's okay. I'm sure I've traumatized someone anyway.

Hmm... what next... (grin)
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What do you all suggest to use to use underneath my suit to give it a fat suit look?

I'd like to stay away from padding it, but actually use some hooping or something so I can do the pelvic thrust and make it look comical!

I had thought about 1/4" tubing from home depot or a hardware store, and insert that into a fabric tube sewn to the inside of the suit.

But I was hoping for other ideas...
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