April 18th, 2006

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In 3D Design, I was really excited to hear we were going to be making masks. :D
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And after all the trials and tribulations of working with paper maché... I learned that I could have used my normal balaclava method so it could have been something I could have actually worn. D'OH!
Oh well, it was good experience working in a new media anyway.
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Identifying a fox...

I just downloaded pictures from MFF 2005 from my digital camera (yes, I'm that slow), and I found a shot of me and two fursuiters. I can't recall who one of them is, nor who was nice enough to snap the shot for me, since I was spacing all over the place from jet lag. I know Aerak's on the (viewer's) right, but who is the fox on the left? I'd just like to have him identified for my records, mostly.

I'd make the image bigger, but the shot is REALLY fuzzy (my camera isn't the greatest, especially not in the dark).

Thanks for your time!

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new eyes

This weekend i made new eyes fur the new fursuit, thanks to tanidareal for the help :)
The old ones were too deep in the head......i'm very happy with the new version.

I also finished the tail and the paws.....

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I've had to do a HUGE cleanup of my flat for a rent inspection, and considering the entire front room was full of fur and foam, I've put together a nice box of fur scraps. It's a monitor box so it's flattish, but completely STUFFED full of fur, vinyl, pvc and stuff. Enough fur to make about 20 sets of ears at least, hundreds of triummings and probably a tail or two :p
I've got some very nice stuff in there, only one lower-quality fur and I've put more of that in to compensate. Most of them I paid AU $70 per metre for, and they're absolute top quality. Contact me for details if you like :)

Anyway, the box is up for grabs for you guys first as I know that you'll put it to good use!

Also, I'm now open for a few more commissions as I've finished a couple that were pulling my time into their lovely fuzzy vortexes.

Now for the main part of this post...

Taren! You're an absolute master with fleece. If anyone is a fan of super-long super-huggable creations, his tails are to die for. I got mine in the mail today and I swear, it's the most perfect thing to cuddle in bed that I've ever felt :)

As a small addendum, and more to the point of this community, does anyone have a supply of plastic bowls for eyes that I could purchase? I just can't find them anywhere around me, and ebay's full of bollocks. I'd very much like to know if anyone could supply me with a njumber of bowls... I'm happy to pay all expenses plus shipping.