April 19th, 2006

Minschier Gilmore

Seagull Fursuit? Oh yeah!

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Okay everybody, meet Buoy the Seagull!

His name comes from the fact that he's "buoyant" looking, (i.e. fat) and he's loosely based on the common California Gull, with a few little tweaks. (like the orange on his beak tip) The gray goes around his shoulders and back, down to his tail-feathers. I already have the fur, (gray, black, and white), and will be using golden-yellow spandex for his legs/feet and beak. His head is already in foam stage, as is his body pod. (I'll be posting construction pix here as he progresses)

He'll be done in time for MFM this year. While I'm tempted to add more color, Seagulls aren't really all that colorful, so I'll probably just leave him as-is. I can always add a neckerchief or something if I want him more vivid.

I hope everyone likes him! He's kinda different. Of course, if no one likes him, he can always threaten to "leave his calling card" on their car roof! I welcome your comments.
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I bought myself a pair of really, really cheap shoes (only 15 euro) to use to glue foam on to make my own fursuit feetpaws.. But when I got home and looked at them again, I realized that they were waaay too nice to cover up with glue and foam. >.<

Guess what I'll be looking for in the shoestore again somewhere this week.. *grin* 

I already carved the foam this weekend though. Looky here for a picture. Yeah, they're going to be big tigerpaws! ^^ Though they're a bit too long for now, since I once again still have to get myself some shoes to glue the foam on. Once I get those, I will cut them down to the proper length.