April 20th, 2006


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here's a quick poll...if it doesn't belong here, please delete it.

i would like to know...which fursuit would you rather see me make?

1. my personal representation, SwiftRed. (coyote with cross fox markings)
2. my other personal character, Midden. (white bobcat with rust-orange markings)
3. a random character i made up today, Sedekia. (striped hyena with dreadlocks and tons of jewelry)

i'm leaning more towards Sedekia. Midden's suit would be expensive since i would need to buy a jawset/nose, while i already have a canine nose and jawset. Sedekia's suit would also run pretty high since i'd need to buy dreadfalls. SwiftRed's suit is difficult since she's many different colors.

if i do make Sedekia, what would you reccomend for making natural-looking stripes? airbrushing is unfortunately out of the question since i don't have access to an airbrush. thanks!
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Molly Husky (cross-post due to laziness)

This is sort of a new fursuit I finished, but really I finished this about a month ago. I've been meaning to post this much earlier but it kept getting pushed back, especially since jillarts, who commissioned it, offered to do some poses in suit for me. Also, the delay was in part due to me forgetting a part of the shipping address to Jill's... stupid me, I will have to remind myself to have everything done and not rush things next time, although in the end everything worked out. Thank you, Jill, for your patients.

Anyhow, onto the post. This was my first time building a husky (red) and a female. I think it came out pretty well and judging by the pictures I've seen that Jill has posted in the fursuitlounge right here, I'd say it looks very well on her, much better than me anyways. Thank you, Jill, for posting to the fursuitlounge. :)

So, onwards to the pics of Molly!

One of the poses Jill did, looking cute.

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So, AC is coming up and I have a bunch of work yet to do. We'll have to see if I can make my own stuff for AC. Boy, I gotta get moving.
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A question for fursuiters.

I'm kinda a ghost on this group, but only because I'm still working on getting my suit together. I do however have a SERIOUS question. I'm a photographer among other things and I thought up and idea that could potentially be used to raise money for various charities.

My question is this: Would you be willing to donate an image of your fursuit for a project where all profit is donated to charity? (Basically a photo of your charater would be used in a project that would then be sold to raise money.)

Right now, this is just a question. But if enough people express interest, I may take it further. I'm going to hold the actual idea until later though. This is just to get a feel for the situation.
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