April 22nd, 2006

Happy Bat


Well, I have decided to scrap the Jacob idea for now. I do want to make the snail, but not untill I am fully capable.

My next suit idea is Joy, my me character.

The New Joy The New Joy
Just the new me ^.^

That's her picture.

Now, I really want to put wings on her back, but am unsure how to do this. Her wings grow out, and retract back in, but I really have no plans to do all that, just put the wings there. I want them to be suported up. Her wings are rather big when they are out. I am unsure how to do this without falling over backwords, considering I have a bad back anyway.

I'm thinking I might just get the whole suit commissioned. I couldn't pay an ubber ammount, but I have alot of nifty stuff I could give. I would still be willing to pay, cost of materials at the very least, I have a pretty good job so I could probably pay for the whole thing if I am given time to save up and perhaps able to make payments. Also depends on the price. I've been wanting a suit from someone else for a long time anyway.

Let me know what you all think.

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Planning my first full suit.

As a long time lurker and (I think..) a first time poster here, I can't say that I've had a lot of experience in making fursuits, but I have done a few masks. I think I'm ready to step up to the plate and try my hand at a full-blown suit. I'm really hoping that I can pull this off with the help of all of the tutorials posted here, but I need some input, as well.

The suit I will be building is based off of a commission I drew for a friend. That picture has received a lot of good responses, so I think he would be an awesome choice to start off with. Besides just wanting to finally make a full suit, I'm also making this suit in the hopes that it will turn out quite professional looking and be used for a promotions company I work for.

Some possible problems I've thought of are:
1. I will be the primary wearer, and I'm rather petite and short (also female!) (5'2" 115lbs) and the character is a lean, muscled male.
2. I want to be able to perform in this suit, so I'm leaning towards the balaclava and foam method.
3. The only high-quality fur I can access IRL is a long white with black guardhairs (JoAnnes). I will have to shave the hair and airbrush it to the needed colors. What do I use for shaving?
4. I can't use a sewing machine, but I'll be using a lycra diveskin with padding along with a duct-tape dummy, so will all handsewing work? Should I invest in getting a sewing machine?
5. The character has liberty spikes, and I'm not sure what I can use to make the hair stand up permanently. Adhesive spray?

Also, as a first timer, what things should I be careful about doing?
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Thank you for your input!
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My second suit

finaly I can post something.
after my last attempt of making a suit what came out as a surpricenly good one, I'll try now my luck again on a new one. a husky.
only one thing.. I can't find examples on the net. I lookt in timduru mega server and found a few but I want more to see how to shape the head. got lots of husky picc but I'm looking for husky suit's.
so if anyone has a picc, plz send me a link..