April 23rd, 2006

Tony Stark - FIERCE

Looking for fur!

I'm in need of some long pile dusty tan fur, preferrably with sparse black ticking but I'll take what I can get. :) Something like this. I need about half a yard of it, or anything reasonably close to that amount. If anyone knows where I can get that color from, feel free to reply here or drop me an email (which is listed in my LJ userinfo). Thanks!
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Tony Tony Chopper.

This is for an anime convention I will be attending next month with a group of my friends going as One Piece characters. Of course i was like "I will do Chopper it will give me a chance to make a fursuit."

Its only gonna be a half suit.

Ok so I have been doing this on going first furuit making experience. Fo far the only think I have had the most diffuculty furring the thing. It was SO HARD, so its a bit patchy in spots.
So this is basically done, I just need to put the pantyhose in the eyes so i can see out them (the black in a few of these is a black sock... haha). The eyes are made out of those plastic easter eggs, they were in a great abundance recently so I figured what the hell. So they follow you. Everything on this was hand stitched, because i am poor and can't afford a machine.... OK tell me what you think

OH and i have feet for Him but i forgot them back at my house, I'll upload pics of the finished suit sometime next week.

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Hellhound Redone AGAIN!

My costume for Anime boston next month. He's just a head, but i plan on wearing more appropriate clothing this time. A military style jacket, straight legged pants, boots and leather gloves. Made on A Balaclava mask, foam base. The funny story about the nose is that i cut a foam child's float for the foam, because at the time i couldent acess the green hi-density stuff. So if you tore him apart you would see a butterfly under the fur...or half of one anyways. His eyes are plastic with Colored buckrum...im surprised at how well it works. The eyes are cardstock paper glazed over with acrylic pain glaze. They are a little off center unfortunatly. Nose is sculpy clay and paint, glazed over for the shine. Teeth Are sculpy clay and tounge of funfoam. Ill probably change the tounge later though. Moveable jaw and SUPER comfy.

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Hi there ^^

Hi Everyone,

I thought it was time I posted on my live journal. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Yuki Van Eller, but you may call me Yuki-chan. ::giggles:: I am a ring tailed raccoon fox vixen aka ring tailed fox vixen. Since joining the fursuiting community I am very new to this art of costuming. Hopefully with me introducing myself I can get to know everyone and become friends with you all. I am talking to a friend about a character sheet. Once that is done I can show you all what I look like and see if you could point me in the right direction so I can get fursuit commissioned. That's all from little ole me for now, but I wanted to say hello. And yes I don't have and icon yet so bare with me. ^^

Take care,

Yuki Van Eller

Ps: Has anyone seen my cousin?
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