April 26th, 2006

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Loooong fur...

Hello! I'm working on a new idea for a Halloween costume, and I'm looking for fur that I can use for long, very shaggy tail. Like the tail of an afghan hound. Does anyone know a good source for very long-pile fur? I'd only need a yard at most. Preferably white, dark brown or a black/brown/or tan mix. The longest pile fur I've ever seen readily in stores runs around 2 inches, and I'd like something longer. I'd use artificial hair, but it's too shiny. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Right! I've decided to get some of CR's sterling grey seal fur, so I'm not looking for some baby blue.

Does anyone have about two yards of shortpile baby blue they'd be willing to part with, or know of any around that I'd be able to purchase?

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Sales galooore

If anyone out there is looking for some great discounts, I have some great deals for you!

I thiiiiink this URL will work- Joann is having a huge sale this weekend. Coupons for Friday and Saturday- 50% off any regular item each day. I'm probably going to be using it to experiment with the other materials the local store has that are normally out of my price range. Also, there is a 40% off coupon for any one item, good through mid-May or so. You can get these coupons monthly by signing up for their mailing list.

End of bolt fur from CRS Crafts- another great way to experiment or try something new. I just received my order from them today. It contains three one-yard cuts of assorted furs, their choice. Here's what I got:

1 yard of white seal fur, black seal fur, and blue fox fun fur?! Wasn't somebody looking for that stuff a little while ago?

I'll definitely show off what I make from these when I do so.
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looking for that fuzzy fur from Wal-Mart..

I'm currently working on a tail, because I got bored and had extra fabric laying around. Eventually it'll be a ninja snake-dragon-something (I'm not sure yet), with a head and possibly handpaws. I found this really awesome semi-iridescent snakeskin pattern fabric (actually, it was a skirt I found at a Goodwill, but I took it apart :D!) that I'm using for accents, and black fur for the main color.

The trouble is, I'm running out of the black fur after just the tail. There is no way I can get a head out of what I have left, much less handpaws. And the local Wal-Mart no longer carries the black variety of this fur (I checked the website but got totally lost within a minute).

So, does anyone have any of the black, silky, somewhat-curly, kinda thin faux fur that Wal-Mart sells/sold?
http://www.deviantart.com/view/28548059/ I made a plushy with it once--sorry the black didn't come out well, but it's rather shiny under bright light.
I'd like 1.5-2 yards of it (I have future projects in mind as well) if possible. I'm of course willing to pay you for it, or trade with art of equal value. I also have some leather scraps and panels from jackets and skirts that I currently don't have a use for that I could trade you, if you wanted.

Thanks in advance!