April 27th, 2006

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An update on my crow head mask:

I finally put some padding in it so I can wear it out, and I realized something important; varnished papier-mâché is pretty much air-tight, so wearing it with the padding inside is pretty much like wearing a plastic bag over my head. :-P

I'm drilling holes in it for ventilation, but of course it doesn't look nearly as good as it would have if I'd planned it out before hand (and naturally I've managed to damage it a little with the drilling). I'm sure this sort of thing is obvious to experienced people, but if you're new at this like I am, make sure you plan for ventilation, especially if using something unforgiving like mâché!
Happy Bat

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Okay, I thought it over and now I know I want to commission this suit.

The New Joy The New Joy
Just the new me ^.^

That's what I want, right there. I want full wings on a back harness or brace, so I can remove them if I want, Meaning that I want to have another set that are just stubs, because that's how her wings work. The gloves can be made from any sort of strechy material that does not have long fur, probably something like the snakeskin material. The head needs to be as light as possible, even the horns. I want a moveing jaw, it's like an essintal for me. The tail would be better more thick than long, since long will just drag on the ground and make it ruined quickly.

The one really special thing I ask for is digi-grade legs. I've always wanted a suit with them and she is the perfect one to put them on.

Right now I am just looking for ideas on prices, possibly able to do everything now. I would have to pay in payments, that is nessisary for me. I'm really looking to get someone to do it for cost of materials, probably a little more, and item trades. I can do art, sculpture, I have some nifty stuff and some art from really good artists. I even have the convention special of tall tails, only 100 or 1000 or something were printed, and it's signed by the auther. I have the fursuiting book, all sorts of nifty stuffs.

So yeah, lets see some replies ^.^
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