April 29th, 2006


Planning a first Fursuit.

Yes, finally, Im going to make my fursuit! Its going to be an Anthro white fox of Ichimaru Gin from BLEACH. Its going to be worn at the Ohayacon (an Anime Convention in Columbus, Ohio) in January, 2007. I decided to make him a fox since a fox, truely fits his personality and looks. This is how Gin looks like:

Im going to start it on the 10th of May so its not that long. Ive actually always wanted to make a fursuit, for more than two years and finally Im will be able to. Its going to conset of a head, paws (which goes up to about me elbow), feet (fur goes to about my knee) and a tail. Plus the Shinigami Captain clothing for sure. Here is a sketch I did on the computer of him (Note: This was a REALLY fast sketch and was made with no refrences. I have a better on done on paper which I will scan soon):

Luckly, Ive done alot of research on how to make a fursuit so Im hopeing he'll turn out the way I want.Ive done alot of sketches of him and Ill be sure to upload them soon, when I get the time.Ill be sure to submit images of how the fursuit is coming out :3

Anyone have any suggestions on how to make it? Im planning on useing the Balaclava "ninja hood" Technique.
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White Lion finished!

indeed it is =D

i must say this is my best head i have done so far. i worked my tail off trying to make sure everything lined up and it well looked like a lion lol. i also had to figure out what i was going to make the mane out of. that was when i rememberd a post that Theassassinnox made about Crepe hair ( which i thought was yarn...durrr) anywho, it was PERFECT for a lion's mane, so i bought 5 yards. 4 white and 1 of this off white yellowish color. they come in these little braids and you have to unstitch them then pull and iron them straight. that took me probably around 4 hours. i actaully enjoyed it =D i had alot of fun. one it was all straight i had to pull it off in little clumbs comb that, then attach it to the head. which i just hot glued to a piece of Lycra. then i just sewed it to the rest of the fur. it's anout 8 inches long, i just don't have it all brushed out crazy when i took the picture.

i just love the mane! the only thing that botherd me was, there where some creases in the short white fur i had, but i really didn't noticed until i had everything put to gether... so the muzzle looks at little "choppy" but i assure you i never took a shaver to this, i used white seal on the whole face. i tried combing the snot out of it but it wasn't working... then i thought it just looked like my lion got smacked around lol oh well!

i am also going to be making a full suit for this one, and you'll be seeing it at AC. i will post picutures when i have it all done =)

the mouth does move and i see threw the tear ducts, and mouth. it's alittle heavier then my usual masks but it's not that bad. i wore it for a while and i didn't notice a thing.

anyways here are some photos! there is alot so be warned! also i am sorry some are blurry others sharp, ijust have been trying to take photos of this for like 3 days so i am sick of it lol just deal lol.

EDIT/ATTENTION: I am so retarded! i forgot to mention i have a websire now! and i am accepting commissions! all of my info is at my site here:


well i am off folks i going to work on a coyote next!

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All right, I'm trying to put symbols onto my tail here, and I have some wonderful blue fur that I was thinking of using. However the more I look at it, the more I think that the symbols that I want to try for (something I have drawn on my own for myself) Will not come out properly if I cut them out of the fur. I think the fact that the fur is somewhat long is going to make the symbols just come out like blobs. Now the question is, should I trim it (or conversely get a shorter pile fur of the same color) or should I use some other material such as fleece to make the shapes come out sharper? What do you all think?

Edit: Well I decided on trimming the fur and I am very happy with the effect. I still have to put two more symbols on it that are supposed to be there, but this is a sneak peak of how it came out Collapse )

Thanks for the opinions people =^o^=
*hugs and tailwaves to everyfur*
- Ace.
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3-D eyes

Hey gang ..
anyone know how to make 3-d eyes. I have seen some very cool heads online with these eyes, the kind that follow you, but cannot locate anywhere to buy them or info on how to make them.

thanks in advance

Floating nebulous glowy thing!

I feel creative

Woot! Finally getting back into making stuff. I had some fabric laying around and I thought 'hey, they go together, I'll make something.' So I made a tail. And now I think I'll make a head too, although I don't have enough of the black fur left I don't think.

But I believe I shall make a ninja snake-dragon thing. Because ninjas are sweet.

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