April 30th, 2006

How Much Fur to Buy

I have a question .. even though my secretary is making my suit for me (she can sew - I cant), I still need to get enough fur to make both the head, the paws (both front and hind), tail and the suit its self. I understand that yardage mounts change from person to person, but for planning money wise, appoximations will do! So what is a good yardage point to start?

I have heard 4 yards bounced about in various tutorials but is that for the head? (I cant imagine a head taking twelve square feet of fur).

Any help would be great..


Digitgrade Pants

Is there a turorial anywhere that anyone knows of that goes into this? I have found info on the body suits and the like, but cant find any info on Digitgrade pants - I hope I typed that right - in other words, just the bottom half of the fursuit with the padding built into the furpants.

SaberWulf will be wearing a full Jedi Tunic with lightsaber belt and to keep it as cool and comfortable as possible, I really only need the bottom half of the suit. I have found really good turtorials covering everything on the list - head, tail, paws, hindpaws... one last thing to research.

thanks in advance from a newbee fursuiter!

worried, sad

Scared to Bake Clay Teeth...

Anyone have any suggestions/techniques on how to make some teeth without using Sculpey (or material that needs to be baked in general)? I've heard comments about the air-dry clay breaking after a few outings (as paw/feet claws anyway... I, or, rather the fursuit head I created for a friend, won't be biting people, though). I'm crazy enough right now to try molding modeling clay and, then, sealing it with hot glue (yeah, yeah, I know. It's not the greatest idea). I've tried experimenting with sheets of white fun foam, but I don't know how to form it (plus the cone seam for the canines don't look appealing). I've considered felt, but I would think that it's the same thing as shaping the fun foam sheets. I'm frustrated with the idea of making teeth and would consider not putting any in if the headpiece belonged to me (The furry in need of some bottom fangs is Kelekia's wolf, "Adaven," which I posted some time ago). Help, please?

Milorien (a.k.a. "the-pup-that-is-scared-of-the-oven")

P.S. Please don't ask anything more about this paranoia of mine, I mean, I've never been set on fire or anything (I've yet to have my first outing). I'm just tired of waking up some mornings scared-to-death from a nightmare involving something on fire [even when dreaming of fire means success in future events] (It's also bad enough that whenever I'm stressed, I start smelling the odor of burnt plastic). Thank you again.
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