May 1st, 2006


Baseball Cap for Suit

For a long time I have wanted to get a baseball cap done for Blooper, the blue fox in my userpic. I have yet to find anyone willing to tackle such a project.

It doesn't necessarily have to go over the ears, although if I were making such a hat (yeah, right), I would probably attach two sets of velcro straps to the back corners of the hat, to connect around each ear, which would probably be plenty enough to hold the hat on. Of course this wouldn't really help if you wanted to wear the cap backwards or sideways, and the hat could always just be pinned on too.

If any ingenious construction wizard is willing to take on a baseball cap commission, please let me know and give a cost estimate.

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Bare Bones!

This might not be 'fur'suit related but I remember people asking about bones on their suits. I found this and thought it might help or be just plain interesting to look at! ^^

And a picture to just catch your attention :3
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