May 3rd, 2006


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Anyone got any shiny yellow seal fur? I need about two yards, and I can't seem to find any from the sites that ship to Australia. If anyone has a supplier near them I'm willing to pay shipping and price plus expenses for a couple of metres.

By shiny I mean seal fur that has that proper seal-fur shine.

Anyway, thanks!

In other news, I'm turning my little fursuiting biz here into my main/only form of income. So, wish me luck!

Realistic Markings

Hey gang - has anyone tried putting realistic fur markings on with a drybrush? Drybrushing, for those who dont know,is the technique of using a paint brush with very little paint - very little to put color on canvas, walls or fabric! Im not good at an airbrush and I dont want to invest the money to get one.
Fabric paints (from what I have learned from the store clerk) can be heat set with a hairdryer, so it should make them permanent.
Just wondering..
Thinking of using this on the face of my SaberWulf head.. Im going for a realistic grey wolf effect.

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I need help

While I wait to get and pay off a partial suit that I am buying I'm trying to make my own but i have tried the mesh method and it does not seem to work for right now. Any other methods I could try that as a beginner and with tutorials that can help me since I am a big visual learner and don't have that great of reading or grammar skills.

Shaving Fur

Hey gang - another stupid question but here it goes anyway -
How do you shave fur? I am planning a grey wolf head and to keep costs down I would like to purchase as little fur as possible. I would like to use the same white shag fur for the snout as I use for the neck - can you shave down fur - and if so how? Or do you suggest keeping them seperate an using a white short cubby and a white shag instead?

thanks again for all the help over the last couple weeks - starting to get exciting around here now!


New Latex and Foam Animal Masks for Sale!

We have a new "stock" item to present to everybody, latex and foam animal masks.

If you scroll back a few posts you can see the clay versions of the designs.
I've had a chance to color up ten masks for a first order shipping out tomorrow. It shows colour varients of four of the five masks made. I'll try to get pictures of a coloured canine mask soon.

Here are the ten:
10 painted masks

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These are all painted latex masks without hoods. They are awaiting their straps, so please forgive us if they look a little sagged placed on the mannequin head. The foam varients hold their shape a little better.

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Ichi :P

Ichi Head

Update on my fursuit head.

So far I like how it's comming out but I'd like to know what could be fixed or not or whatever. :]

Plastic Mesh base, open cell foam, fun foam, and glow-in-the-dark Sculpey for the teeth :}. Profile Front Front with the mouth open Teeth
Ignore the ruler, I used it to prop the mouth open.
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Hitoshura -human at heart

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Hello Everyone!
I'm currently making a costume of a cat-girl character (Shader from Chrono Crusade) and I need a bit of advice...
reference 1
reference 2
reference 3
reference 4
The character has a solid silver-grey tail and ears that match her hair color. (Sorry, I'm lacking a good color reference picture of the tail, you'll just have to trust me on that one). Originally, I planned on buying white faux fur fabric and then dyeing it with the wig dye so they would match. However, this would end up costing too much as I'm estimating the tail alone would take at least a bottle and a half to dye (the dye costs $15 a bottle...) I browsed the online stores that carry grey fur and ordered some swatches of the few I was able to find. Accept for the sterling silver "seal fur" on the CR's crafts website. From what I understand, this website only sells samples of their fabric on the sample cards, but I couldn't find a card that had that fabric on it. Is there any other site that carries samples of this fabric, or does anyone here have a scrap piece they could send?
The other problem I'm having is with some "eyes" that this character has. The demon characters of this series have eyes on their forehead (it's a character-design thing, don't ask me). XD I thought the easiest way to replicate this is to buy some acrylic cat eyes (the ones used to make plush toys) but unfortunately I haven't been able to find them in red... I'm thinking of making my own, but I'm not sure how to go about this. Are there any stores that sell clear plastic semi-circles? I'd need something between 6-10 mm... Thanks for your time and I apologize if my questions seem a bit... ridiculous.