May 4th, 2006

Guh by Ghostmeast
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Koebi Wolf Mask Done!

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This guy was a lot of fun to make. The reference pictures the buyer supplied were fairly anime-styled, so I tried to recreate that in the mask.
Overall, I think it was very successful! Now he just needs one more hand, feet, and he'll be a completed partial! :) Yays!
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Tony Stark - FIERCE

Works in progress!

Whew. Work's been pounding me lately, and while I'm thankful for the money it means I haven't had a proper chance to touch all of the suits I've been working on. Had a bit of spare time last night and right now, so here's pics of what I've been (slowly) working on.

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Next, get to work on the ferret suit I plan to wear to AC. Hopefully I'll get to start on that come Saturday when I actually have a day off. :) Also might attempt to finish up the Haku suit even though I'm not attending the anime con it was being built for.
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