May 9th, 2006

hopeful (by Nam)

Wing frames...

(Crossposted here at Dia's suggestion.) :)

Is anyone here an engineer-mechanic type who could possibly help me design the (PVC/backpack) frame for my fursuit wings? I can sorta picture what I want, but I can't figure out the math and angles and whatnot to actually draw it all out, much less make it (tho I won't be making it myself; I'll have it commissioned). However, I would at least like to provide the fursuit maker with a working lineart design for the frame. Thanks in advance for any help! :)

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A Foam Question

I saw in both Jax and Matrice's tutorials that they are using green foam. Is this the same green foam that is used by florists and can be carved? Just a question.
I bought my fur and the elastic straps last night - what a deal at Fabric Depot - 30% off!! Ordered the balaclava too! Making a dummy of my head tonight. The only think I need know is foam, hence the foam question.


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(no subject)

I have MORE purple fur!

5 metres more, in fact. Beautifully soft and fantastic quality, though nice and light so it'd make a fantastic full suit. Anyone got ideas? I decided that with the other purple I got before I'll eventually do an eastern dragon with lovely baby blue accents and golden whiskers/trimmings.
A lot of people before said a lion, but I'm not sure that the longer pile would suit one. Anything sort of ... shaggy.

  • adaven

Hi, I'm [kinda] new.

Hello everyone, just thought I'd properly introduce myself to the community... I've had enough of lurking around on milorien's account and having fun watching the LJ group that way... Hehe.

I just recently received my very first partial fursuit from Milo, and I'm hoping that one day I'll be able to make "Adaven the Wolf" a full suit for a children's Christmas party that is held every year where my mom works.

But, anywho, I'm very glad to join you all, and, by chance, while in suit, how does one go about 'covering' the maw opening so that when the costume/headpiece opens its mouth, your mouth/tongue isn't seen? (Did that make sense?)

Milo and I were thinking of chiffon or organza, but Adaven's jaw is now a movable one (complete with teeth that I baked (because Milo got scared of the oven) and the chiffon fabric is somewhat 'slippery' for my chin to move the jaw. Suggestions, please? Or should I not worry about such nonsense and keep my mouth closed when approaching little kids? XD
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