May 10th, 2006


Arctic Fox Suit

Next suit is all finished!

I have to admit, despite being a fox, he is a rather pretty one! ;) I've been doing more experimenting with all-one color suits and using all different types of fur on them. This guy has seal, teddy, AND fox on the head.. it really gave him a lot of character. Got to try out my snazzy new background too. :D

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Morphicon 2006

Well, Im home from my whopping 10 minute drive from Morphicon 2006.

My opinions about Morphicon 2006, lets see. Its was tail wagging AWESOME! Well Personally I haven't attened a furry con in now going on five years but I have decided to get back into going to the cons and I must say I have been missing out! I wish I could turn the clock back and attend all the other cons I planned on attending but never did. I had a great time. In and out of fursuit! Everything was greatly planned at Morphicon except a few things. but nothing really all that important. As for the panels dealers room and the Dinner with the Guest of Honors. I though went very well.. The green beans with the Guest of Honor could have been seasoned or something other than tasting like they were right out of the can .. "ptths" As for the fursuit events I wish there would have been a photo op or a panel in which everyone could have taken pictures with the fursuiters. "I really wanted to get a picture with all the suiters" or even at least have a small parade. As for the FVS I though it was planned out very well! I really didn't want to do it because of the long practice time! Five hours is a bit much and kinda burns half the con day in doing so!! As for the dealers room its was ok.. there were a few artist there but I wish more artist would get involved and sell or do commissions. As for the people at the con, I think everyone did a great job reflectiong what furry truely is. A gathering of great interesting, creative, openminded and all out great people! Everyone was very welcoming and helpful with the projects and events that were going on. Ostrich was really cool at the con he was very helpful with fursuiting tips and he is a very supportive person! "Thanks Ostrich for the supportive compliments about my fursuit" But overall if you get a chance to attend Morphicon I would highly recommend attending. You will have a great time!

Here are a few picture of my new fursuit Frazzle 626 or for short Frazzy

I may write more later im off to work here.
Frazzy out
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Very First Fursuit...

Ok. I'm rather new to the whole fursuiting thing and I will be starting my very first suit for my first Furcon at Midwest FurFest. I'm terrified about this, mainly because I don't know how to make a pattern or where to find one for a suit.

I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a generic suit pattern that can be easily modified to any species. If anyone has one of these please tell me...I don't want to screw up my furst ((haha! fur-st! *lame...*)) suit.


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All about Paws and other footies

Dear Costuming Friends at Fursuit,

What is everyone using for foot bottoms these days? I'm especially interested in what solutions people have developed for feet which get heavy wear and tear.

Thanks in advance for any input & information.


Suit Construction Details

Hi Folks.

I have been on live journal for a while and have only juse included the Fursuit group to my friends.

Many of you know me from the mailing list and I recently saw some people curious about making eyes and digigrade legs.

I have a construction page on my site where I have details how I made my suit as well as things like cooling, coloring fur etc. Enjoy and I hope it helps someone.


Seraph, Cross posted

Finally able to show pics of Seraph, sylffor's new character. ^.^ He was to be kept secret until his debut last night. An angel coon, made to counter the evilness of Brimstone. *cackles* Clouds on the legs instead of flames, wings n halo instead of a sneer n horns. Really pleased with the project. Having to reverse engineer a suit in order to build the new one was an interesting challenge. I've done twins, and complete remakes, but never a twin based on an existing character. Trying to guestimate the size of the foam head underneath a layer of fur was the hardest part.

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I'd like to see what people would most like to see made out of my purple fur, thanks for all the suggestions! :D
I can't do polls... so I'll just have to count votes :p

Big purple bear
Purple mammoth
Cheshire cat
Demon imp thingy

Okay! Choices, choices... And yay for google images. All except for the bear, which was done by Kurrel :p

Also, since I'm doing fursuit making full time now, Just a note to say I've got a spot open in June, and lots in July.



Bear 7.5
Sheepdog 1
Mammoth 10
Imp 1
Cat 3.5