May 11th, 2006

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Another double tail

Here's a commission I did for czgoldedition, a combination of her wolf/husky character's tail and a lizard tail!

Click on the picture for the gallery.

One of the coolest parts was the "flame" pattern on the wolf part. I was afraid I was going to have to hand-sew it on, but instead I used the sewing machine on the fur itself, and it worked AWESOME. Not surprising- I bet this is the same technique people use for layering furs. I'm definitely going to have to use this technique on my next suit.

One thing I can't seem to get with these tails is how to make them look more natural rather than big tubes. Granted, it does taper a bit towards the middle. Normally I'd try to work in a bit of a natural curve to my tails, but it kinda doesn't work in this situation. I guess there's no real "natural" way to do something like this, eh?

I've got some more crazy ideas coming up soon. You'll just have to wait and see... (grin)

Thanks for the Ideas!

Oh wow. Everyone has been so nice to me. Thank you to everyone one who suggested diffrent methods and ideas. After much deliberation I've decided to create a sewn-suit intstead of one with the foam padding underneath. Also, I'm going to use a McCall Pattern as I don't have a very spatial mind. The head will of course be a framework head with plastic canvas as a underskin. ((Gosh, I hope I'm not offending anyone with my non-technical terms!)) So, thank you's are in order for everyone who helped me arrive at this decision. As soon as I earn enough money I'm going out to buy both the pattern and fur. Oh and darkpawsage your badge is ready! May I post it on I'm rather proud of.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my first post. Darn that HTML! *rant* Anyway I'll post the concept for Ruggs soon.


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