May 12th, 2006

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Fursuit head plans

Hey fursuiters. I love this community for all of its valuable info, but I wanted to get your guys' opinion before I actually started on my first project!

I just bought a huge block of dense foam, 2'x 2'x 2', something like that. It cost me a fortune! I bought the thing specially ordered, thinking that I'd carve my first fursuit head purely out of foam.

My character is a house cat, and I have the drawing, so that won't be hard. However, I need to know several things before I start:

1) I want to make the head a bigger size so that I get a certain kind of proportion. I need to look a little thinner, so I was thinking that I make the head, handpaws, and feetpaws a little bigger than normal. If so, does this mean I use more foam for the head, and will this weigh it down too much?

2) I want to make the head out of mostly foam, if possible, but I also want a moving jaw. I saw the post a few days back about all-foam head with moving jaws, and I have some good info. However, I was wondering if I should stave off on carving the head and just get a balaclava so that I can get more expression and mobility out of the jaw. Do you guys use any sort of mechanism for a movable jaw on a balaclava head?

And two really easy questions:

3) How much fur do I need for a partial? It's all one colour, but I need it for the head, wrist-length gloves, feetpaws, and a long, floofy kitty tail. How many yards?

4) Where is a good place to get a balaclava, and what are they used for normally? Online links are okay, too.

Thanks for any and all help!
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