May 13th, 2006


New polar bear fursuit

Some weeks ago I've built a new polar bear head for my polar bear suit. He is also my furry character. The first head was a abortive attempt to build a toony head. The new one looks much better and more realistic. Special thanks goes to tioh, he had helped me to build the new head.
Here some photos from the last mmc (a small german furry convention):

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...there are also some photos on my personal gallery
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I'm on a very tight budget of about $120. I'm still saving up and am about $50 short. Yet, I have a concept! 

Finally. *hugs her concept*.

As I'm not very good with image cuts on I'll just post the link to my account. Keep in mind that this is also my character profile for Ruggs and it's not that great.

Also, to clear things up. 'Splitcat' is my name for CATS RPGs. 'Ruggs' is my Fursona for Furry  RPG-ing.

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Fursuit Foam Head Almost done!

Whoah, its been a long time carving my Gin Fox fursuit. Its token me almost a week and I still have'nt finished it but its almost done. I need your guy's advice though before Im done carving and before Im going to fur it. Here are two images, the first one is a earlyer one, the second is the latest. Thanks for viewing.
(Sorry for the bluryness. These photos were taken by my DVD recorder)

(The second was my sister wearing my head while I was taking the photo. Yes we know, we're short and thats why the head is so big >D We're only 14..)

Here is a video:
(Link does'nt work anymore..)

Note: This foam head is still being carved. I need to carve out that line in the middle of his head, cheeks, and such. And I still need to add his jaw and more details like Eyebrows.


Okay, so, I've been super indecisive about what I've wanted to make overall, and I know you all have heard a lot from me lately. I scrapped my very first fursuit head (to make room in my closet) and I'm going to build a new, and hopefully better one for my fursuit. I mean, it's a full suit! And I figure, while it's basic, I can fix it up and make it better, and give it a new head and such.

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Garrett in disguise

Wolf ear hats!

I'm currently working on some hats to sell at a festival where I'm reading my stories called "Baby Werewolves: Free To A Good Home". The hats, of course, will have wolf ears poking out of them. I just bought the fur today! Merchandising is fun. I used approximate measuring(my hand=size of one ear), and bought 1.5 yards($11.20 US for 1yd 20" by 1yd 27"), which I figured would be enough for just over 60 pairs of ears. I've already bought 50 plain white baseball caps for this project. So far, the cost per hat(for me) is $1.20. My target SELLING price is $5 per hat, maximum of $10. All I have left to buy is the inside fur(going to aim for cheap), some plastic canvas(most likely, or posterboard), and the materials to connect it all together. Posterboard would make it non-washable, although should I even bother with that concern for a hat? Also, I'm contemplating methods of branding. I've considered iron-ons for the front, but hand-writing "Awroooooo!" in puff paint on front is also enticing. My website address will go somewhere on back, along with "Baby Werewolves: Free To A Good Home". I may dye the hats grey, although keeping them white might emphasize the ears better.
I'm using Lone Wolf's tutorial to help with my construction. My goal is to make these as cheaply as possible while still being fuzzy. I want to charge a low enough price that they'll sell quickly. I know the kids will tear them up quickly anyway, heh. I plan on marking up the price to be twice the cost of production, rounding up to the nearest dollar. I think this is a typical markup, sounds good. I'll try to log the amount of hats per hour my 2 helpers and I churn out to make sure I'm charging enough for our work.
He's watching you!
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