May 14th, 2006

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Yeah I'm really doin' it

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I guess I'll be writing the first/only tutorial for a two-person fursuit (doublesuit?), seeing as wasn't too helpful.

I plan on debuting this at AC next month. I'm working about 50 hours a week already, but I should still be able to pull this one off. The theme this time is "Snuggles" the Rotterdobe featuring semjay on the left side. Perhaps a mascot for my website?! It's a rottweiler and a doberman. Not exactly a hybrid, if you get what I mean.

What you are looking at right now is the muslin inner lining. This is way I start all of my suits- I cut the stock pattern from muslin (McCall's 8953), then trim it down. I use the Adult Large size due to my height, but then I take in both sides three inches because of how skinny I am. I also took in the middle leg about seven inches. (I'll explain it later in my tutorial.) The way the middle leg works is that I cut an extra pair of front and back jumpsuit pieces, so it's essentially two complete body patterns with one set of arms.

Next weekend if I get time I'll be slicing up this undersuit and using it as a template for cutting the fur. Cut the fur, sew it up, make hand paws and feetie paws, tails (very important) and heads (with an s!). That's all there is to it. I know *I* can't wait to see this done, but can you?

I know people like to count fursuits at the parade; do you know if they count by number of suits or number of suiters? *evil snicker*

Hand Stitching

I dont have access to a sewing machine, and I wouldnt know how to operate it even if I did, so what is the best, most secure stitch to use when hand sewing and how do you do it?

Im so confused!

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well one of my largest fursuit projects todate is moving closer to completion and he maybe ready for AC this year.
I took some pics with help from my Wuff and here they are in Link form to my site.Just to Note i still need to add the tail,More mane,and alter the chest fur which i've already did after i took the pics.What long chest fur you do see is just roughed on..enjoy
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An Eye Question

Hey gang ...
I start work on my SaberWulf head this week (as soon as the balaclava arrives) and I have a question? Im am going for a more realistic wolf for my first furhead - has anyone made a furhead using their own eyes? I saw a photo not long ago on this site of a fox head, but I have scanned back along the months and have found no other furheads that are made that way. Just wondering what people thought about it.
Its either going to be Glass eyes and look out the tearducts or my own eyes...Im just not sure if my own eyes will be in proportion to the rest of the head. In the memories section someone had stated that eyes would have to be near 35mm to be realsitic and the human eye about 20mm.

hope all that made sense..


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Finished my head n-n

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there's definatly a few problems, like the jaw isn't all that sensitive, the fur is kinda crappy, and I didn't know what to do with the inside of the mouth. but other than that, I'm so obnoxiously proud of this XD; um. but anycritiques would still be highly appreciated.

oh, and because I just thought that this might be the place to post it, I make custom hats. with ears. so if anyone's interested, e-mail me at!

picture of one -> a cat from an anime. made for a friend. tis very comfortable.

The camelbak: go or no go?

Hi, I'm a lurker. I joined this group sometime ago as I plan to start fursuiting soon. In the meantime, I've been chatting with other fursuiters about what it's like and gathering as much information as I can to prepare myself. And one of the things I'm looking over is the issue of hydration.

The number one thing I hear from just about every fursuiter: it's very hot wearing those things. Getting enough fluids to replace what you sweat out is quite a topic and I recalled seeing the Fursuit FAQ mentioning camelbaks. A camelbak is a special pack used by athletes (i.e. cyclists and runners) that has fluid inside a bladder/container hung on their person and provides rehydration. I was looking the other day at various models in stores and thought it was an interesting concept.

While this may be popular for athletes, I want to know other opinions. Is the camelbak a good idea for fursuiting? Or is it something to avoid?