May 15th, 2006

I'm intense...are you watching?!

Hachi Partial Fursuit

Hey guys! I just joined this community a few days ago...I've only made tail/ear suits before and mostly just for my old job but now I'd like to look into making full suits...but I think I'd need practice making the heads. I decided to start with Hachi from Inuyasha...parially because he's got a costume (which I have plenty of experience with from cosplay) and also his head *seems* fairly simple to make for a beginner in that department.

This is a small front shot of Hachi looking really fierce: Ohhhh I'm pretty mean Eh?

Also, the person wearing this costume, if my puppy dog eyes work well enough *crosses fingers* has never cosplayed/fursuited before. Is there a way to make this costume as first time user freindly as possible? He's a big guy so I'm afraid he'd get to hot. I've worn alot of mascot costumes before for events (culligan water girl, "sport" missouri games bird, the enormous giraffe from toys'r'us etc) and the only one I've come across that had a cooling system built in was Truman the Tiger (the missouri state mascot)...has anyone used one before and if so are they as effective as I've heard and where would I get one?


New Meerkat Fursuit

Since I have wanted to make a meerkat since I got into furry, I finally made one

Tungsten Meerkat!

More photos here
many thanks to stickypawz for adding me to the Werevarmint site. Guess since I am officially an assistant now, I'll have to start finishing things sooner :o)
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Head shapes for various fursuit types

I ws thinking about all the fursuits out there, and considered the shapes of many of the heads. Given that there are individual and common styles to a given set of heads, I wondered what the general procedures might be for constructing a head, once one has chosen what species they want their fursuit to be.

For example, as varied as the canine fursuit heads are out there, they generally have a longer muzzle than say, a cat's. Yet a wolf has specific features that set it apart from other canines, pointed ears as opposed to floppy ones, say. A ferret also has a distinct head shape which I have seen incorporated in many really nice suits. A cat has oval eyes that are somewhat tilted, etc.

May I ask what sort of things one must think of when making the head for different species?


Hey guys! Me again. I finally made a quick side-diagram of the head, and the modifications I'll make to the suit.

Problem with side shots is, I never know what it'll look like from the front. I've tried to draw it but it always comes out looking odd. o_o Any suggestions, also, for the cheekpiece shapes? Or is it just experimenting?

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lucky dog kig

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I am looking into how I create an under structure, UNDERNEATH A LYCRA OR COTTON BODY SUIT. Like for muscles, hips, butt...

Is it best to make one bodysuit, then attach the foam in the places I want, and then put another bodysuit over top of the first one? How do I adjust or compensate for the extra material Ill need in the places where the foam is? Or am I completely on the wrong track with this....

- Lucky Dog

EDIT: to make this make more sense... this will NOT be covered in fur. instead ill be using a fuzzy velour type material to make it fuzzy.
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Let's make Sandals for Fursuits!

Luphinus and myself have made a Tutorial how to make Sandals to protect your furry feet on your character!

here is us wearing them (my feet are SO FLUFFY that you can hardly see them)

If you have any suggestions, let me know!