May 16th, 2006

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Making good progress on my head.. thought I'd share a few pics.. Any advice on how to make the trimmed part of the nose blend better with the non trimed cheeks? (Oh and no mesh in the eye yet, just using it for pics, that and I think I might be redoing the nose)

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Experimental Work

I decided to do a semi-commission (not really) that has me doing something new. Since I haven't used an air brush before, or made those follow-me-eyes fursuit heads using the balaclava based heads I decide to try that with this project. I think the species is a mix of fox and kitty, I'm not sure which kitty but I decided to follow the drawings for the most part with this one.

All-in-all I think it turned out mostly alright, but I think I need to better my skills in air brushing and need to make a few modifications with the eyes to work a bit more properly. Luckily this is designated as a practice/experimental head so I'm not too worried that I didn't get it completely right. I learn quite a few things from this head so I'm happy.

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This is actually only 3/4 of the experiment. I still need to make a bodysuit for this guy and it won't be the typical type. Actually it will be more like my Fire Leo suit in that it will be partly spandex-based and partly fur-based, which is extremely difficult to do, so I'm giving myself some more time to do that.

It should be interesting as I usually only make this type of suit for myself, so I haven't actually thought out how to build this type of suit more cleanly if someone request for a commission for this type of suit. I'll make another post when I get that suit done.
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I'm a panda angel...


I'm trying to decide the best way to go about making a head, I think I'd like to try carving from a single piece of foam...I've made things before from pink insulation foam (you can get it at home depot) and using the hot wire gun and various other melting devices. It tends to give off a very bad...smell..and fumes. I live in an apartment so I don't know how well that's going to go over with my neighbors. Has anyone found a less stinky product out there?

If I had a room just for suiting that would be lovely but currently I will have to try to keep my son from munching down on foam and fur. So I'm trying to be as...tidy as i can while trying to carve.


A Glue Question

I have a glue question? What is better to use; hot glue (which I have lots of by the way) or this SUPER 77 I have been reading about? I want to try to keep costs down, but I want something also that will have good contact power and I wont feel it on my skin.

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How do you make Follow-me Eyes?

I see that alot of people make follow-me eyes. Does anyone know how to make them? I might use them for my fursuit that I am currently working one(I am making a foam-based head). Does anyone know how to make realistic follow me eyes? Like the ones Jaxx made? He made one of a black and white wolf/fox thing and its eyes were blue and they looked like good quality glass eyes.

If you know any tutorials or tips on how to make them, please post. Arigatou!
Moonbeam FAQ - now in WIKI form!

Just thought I would let you know that the FAQ is now in WIKI form!!

Use the links or the Search Engine to find what you need. (yep, some of the links have been fixed, such as the Duct Tape Dummy page)

Feel free to look around and add your info/tutorials/pics!

I believe YappyFox is the owner. I am just posting because I thought it was a good piece of info!


START by going to:
Go to

Click on the link that says:
How do I join the mail list?

Once you join, click:
FURSUIT member private web page

From there you will see:
Click Here to Log into the Wiki to edit it

Its a little wonky how to get there, but as I said, its BRAND new into WIKI form. Having MEMBERS edit it will keep riff-raff from posting garbage (or, I am sure we hope it will)