May 18th, 2006

Eye caps

Hey gang .. a quick question about 3-D eyes. Is it essential that you cap them off? I have been reading the tutorials about how to build them, geat info and no problem there. My question has to do with capping the eyes. I understand the whole protection deal, but given that they are prone to fogging, dont breath well and must have a bit of distortion - after all you would be looking thru a curved plastic surface, is it worth the hassle?
Because of time/money constraints and the fact that this will be my first head and I would rather experiment and work on construction skills , I have decided to go with a bit toony-er look for the first time out. I think it will be a bit more forgiving than trying for a realistic wolf the first time out of the gate.
The eyes dont seem that hard to do, but given that I already have minor vision problems to start, I didnt want to compound them by adding another surface I have to see thru, especially one with fogging problems.

Thanks for all the help gang over the last two months... you really have been a lot of help. Hope I havent asked too many questions. :)

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