May 19th, 2006

Sulu After the adult party

Heh, my newest attempt at fursuiting stuffs.

Uhmmm I was referred here by Jax the Bat over AIM, so uhmm here's my first post here....
Just a tail and some paws. This is my first set of paws, and my second tail.

Pics are behind the cut. It's for my new otter character.

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I'l looking for comments, and possibly a trade (because I'm not entirely confident enough to ask for money for this stuff yet) in an effort to keep practicing, if anyone is interested.

EDIT: Hey thanks for all teh kind words everybody, you guys have got me so motivated, I think i already know what my next project will be, a full suit of Timon from the lion king. :3 I'll be sure to post some peices of that too. :3

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Ok... much squee! I've finished the dingoroo partial!
I'm really proud of it as it came out really on-model, and the feet are so cute! ee!

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Phew... one to cross off my pre-AC list. o..0

EDIT: Um... don't mind my messy kitchen.
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Moving jaw question

Ok so i have 2 suits now with moving jaws. In order to get them to move you really have to open your mouth wide, so if i were to talk in them how do you do it with out haveing to open your mouth really wide and how do i make it so when i talk it is moving becuase i tryed in frount of the mirror to talk and when i talk normaly it dosent move hardly at all.

if this isent allowed feel free to delete it.

Thanks for all your advice!!
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All-Foam Masks

I've decided to do one as a school project with a static jaw and, well, are there any general tips that one should follow or be cautious of? Before I start it I'd like to have an idea of what and whatnot to do, especially with the contruction of the head, as I'm not generally concerned with the furring until I get finished.