May 21st, 2006



I went back to my "hometown" today and went by a local store where I found an AMAZING deal on fur...I had to tell someone who would care. As my freinds who I bounced around yapping about it too...looked strangely uninterested. Anyway, I got 9 yards of normally 25 dollar fur for 8 dollars but the kicker was the lady detests the handling of fur (since it sheds "so much") that she left it as it was...which was folded to extreme I got 9 yards for the price of 3 AND for such a low price...this goodness went on when I also got some splendid black fur for 7 dollars a yard and also...she left is greatly folded. *squee*

BUT the problem is...aside from the eyes on the mask I wanted to make first neither color I bought serves this mask. And the brilliant fur (which is darkbrown/lightbrown undercoat with block tips) is more than enough to make an entire suit for me. But of what? Other than a wolf/werewolf I'm not sure what else would work with it besides perhaps a german shepard which the fur really reminds me of anyway. Any ideas?
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Progress on my Yachiru Fox head.

Looks like I finally posted my fursuit head here ^_^ Here is how my Yachiru fox head looks like now. I used the All-Foam Techique. This is my first head, and I think it came out pretty cute. The ears are on the side of the head because I want to compare them to my drawing style. I am Aware that on the head, one side is bigger than the other. I'll try to fix that. I lined the eyes with cheap stretchy black fabric for better vision and stuff. I made the nose out of Sculpey III and painted it with Archlic paint. The teeth was also made from Scupley III and the tongue was made out of Foamies. I bought a yard of Long Pink Fur at Jo-ann Fabrics yesterday and it only cost $15.00! I think I can use it for the head, paws and feet.
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I have a question. When should I install the nose? I lightly glued it to the head just to see how it looks like. And how exactly do I install the nose? Do I leave it or do I put it on when I'm done furring?

Feel free to comment and give Critque. Thanks for looking!

draco progress

hey! thanks for the comments on bukky, yea he was a side project and i did rush him but so what......

my new suit is Draco, here's his concept art: (ignore the '1 1/2 feet tall thingy, was a plush design)

and heres the footpaws 1/2 furred:

heres the head ready for furring(its complete foam, my first so yea...i like it):


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Anyone ever order the Black CUBBY BEAR fur from Monterey Mills? Is it a soft fur that you would recommend for masks?

If not, anyone selling about a yard of 15/16" pile, solid black fur?
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How many yards of fur would I need for wings that hang down from my arms/wrists and are attached to the sides of the bodysuit? They'd be two colors, the back of the wings are one color, and the inside of the wings are another.

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Hi everyone!

Haven't posted here before, but I have a quick question. I'm looking to construct a new head for my suit and I want to build the head 75-100% out of foam. Where can I find an online supplier of relatively cheap foam that's willing to do custom-sized blocks? The few places I've found are ridiculously expensive. I'm not looking for high-density, just something that can be carved with an electric knife and will hold up. My last head was constructed from scraps and plastic canvas, so finding a large block of foam wasn't an issue. I've tried looking locally, but that was a lost cause since they all mostly supply foam that's high-density and expensive...but if anyone knows a good foam supplier in the NYC area that will allow pickup, that's great too.

Thanks for your help!