May 22nd, 2006


Insides of Mouths, Neckfurring, and Big teef!

I have a question for all of you. I have a few, in fact. My head, suprisingly, (of the thylacosmilus) is turning out very well and I have some questions on detailing.

I have a moving jaw (contrary to my other statement that it was going to be static, it actually works superbly even with the giant toothpouches hanging down in movement) and I furred the top half of the head, and the jaw part.

How does one cleanly allow movement with the jaw along with the neckfur?

The spots that don't currently have fur are the neck and the section directly after the foam jaw part (which, itself, is furred). I need to meld this smoothly with the head while also allowing for jaw movement. How does one handle that without restricting the movement of the jaw, and without having the bottom portion of the jaw furring look like frankenstein?

Also, I did manage to do a bit of inside mouth work on my old head, but it wasn't nearly as tidy or effective as the head I'm doing now with the balaclava. I was wondering if the fur should fold into the jaw itself or stop at the edges---and how the inside of the jaw itself should be built. This part has always given me some trouble, and I'm using fun foam because it's very light. I just need something to build the teeth and lips on.

And speaking of the teeth. The toothpouches are built, but the teeth have to be very light---I'm thinking of using fun foam for them because they have to be both thin (they are supposed to be built rather knife-ish and not round), and light, because boy howdy are they ever big!!! Plus, fun foam is cheap.

For those that haven't seen it previously, this is what I'm trying to build with (in my opinion for only a second head) great success:

I have yet to do the eyes.

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