May 23rd, 2006

Happy Bat


I'm haveing a major problem that hasn't happened to me before. My Neesawn suit seems to keep ripping at the seams. I think it's because of the weird material I used. Anyway, I use upholstry thread so I was really surprized. Is there a better stich on my machine I can use to talk care of this problem? I was thinking of the zigzag stich but I'm kinda worried as to how it would work out.


Presenting Dakota Lion

Finally finished my Dakota Lion suit, pics of him are under the cut. I've been working on him between other projects when I had a little spare time and I'm glad to finally have him done. Was worried I wouldn't have him done for AC but can now happily report he'll be shaking his tail on the dancefloor at AC '06. (sorry for horrible sizing, couldn't get em to size right without pixilating).

Quick Edit: Dakota is an adolescent lion, his mane is still coming in which is why I went with a shorter more scragly looking fur.

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So that's it. Hope you like him, critiques are welcome. I'm pretty happy with the way he came out all around.

Gin Fox Fursuit head is being re-furred!

I started furring my fursuit head but figured out that just drapping it is harder then it seems. So I removed all the fur and now Im useing the tape techinque, which is much much easier. I finished tapping the head today and I want to know your opinion. Does my fursuit head look good?

Its still kinda big but thats fine with me, Ill be sure to make my next fursuit head much smaller. And I have a question. Do you sew your seams durring furring (when hot glueing) or before hot glueing? Thanks alot.

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hey! another work from shaggy griffon! presenting my fursona, Draco! He is a partial, arm length handpaws, with pawpads, footpaws and a tail, witht he head of course, pics of that later, but the whole head is done!

bodysuit is being constructed! the final pics tomorrow!
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Looking for a deal?

I'm making a personal fursuit for myself! BUT, it's a secret until I finish him. It's going to be a full suit.

I'm looking for a nice fur who's interested in a huge deal!

The fur for this 'secret suit' would come out to $110.00(including shipping), which I'm unable to afford because I'm saving up for a Dell computer ($470). I was wondering, if anyone were to order the furs I need (all of them) from and have them shipped directly to my house, I will make you a fursuit head and shoulderlength handpaws (with claws and pawpads) in return. A Head and shoulderlength handpaws from me would cost $175 according to my prices, so you'd be getting a $65 discount! The only catch is, the head/handpaws have to be in two colors, and have to be furs I can get from, or at my local Joann's. I also have about 4 yards of very nice gray/white with black scattered around wolf-type fur lyin' around here. If you're interested, and want me to use this gray fur, I'll make you a tail as well. ^^ So you'd be getting around a $90 discount!

If anyone's interested, shoot me an email and I'll show you the furs I need. =3
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