May 24th, 2006

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Looking like a boy

I have run into the semi unique problem of being female and wanting to make a male suit. I have heard and read lots of things about males trying to look more femenine in suit, though have seen little on my situation.

And now we move on to my secondairy problem, the character is really just a kid. He is in the 13-15 year old range, not old enough to have major muscles, but old enough that he no longer has his baby fat.

Now I am not a busty gal, but I do have hips.

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Here is the character:

As I do not currently have a good full body shot of him, this one by Dark Natasha is about his build:

So here we go:
~Do I add padding around my waist and bulk up my shoulders a bit? Will that greatly hinder movement? I don't want him to look fat or ripped. He's just a kid.
~Do I just cut the body suit so that there is extra fabric there (not curve hugging) or will it look like a badly fitted suit? Wrinkles around the middle make me cringe.
~Should I even bother doing anything other than wearing a sports bra and calling it good? (no bra in Shadow photo, I am infact even more flat while wearing a sports bra). I'm sure that I can cut the front white panel in a way that it look like I have less chest and hips. Yay for optical illusions!

I want this to be a really nicely done and close fitting suit. Jax is making the head, so it is starting out with a smallish base. *smiles* So no potato sack suits here.

Thank you all for any advice or imput that you are willing to share!


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Thylacosmilus in High Def!

And by high def I mean totally crappy lappy-cam. But hey, it's fun to show my progress...I added a bunch of stuff.

Also, I want to do plastic bowl eyes but I, for the life of me, cannot find those dangum plastic bowls ANYWHERE. Are there any links or places where I can still get them, or any alternative materials? I'd really prefer alternatives, since I'd rather be able to run out for an hour or two and pick it up from some store rather than wait three days to get bowls for my eyes.

Alrighty! Thylacosmilus, marsupial sabretooth, tell me what you think---but realize this is my second head, and I'm not going to fix anything unless critical. Thanks!!

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