May 28th, 2006


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Hi everyone!

I'm in the process of making a new head for my partial, and attempting a moving jaw for the first time. I'm really concerned about screwing it up. I've looked up most of the tutorials for doing it online, and I'm pretty sure I understand how to make the moving jaw, but I could really use a couple of up-close, detailed pictures of what the "hinge" part of the jaw looks like, at each stage of making a head. I'd just like something to reference while I work, and visual aids are always great. Some pictures of the inside of the mouth would really help too. Can anyone help me out and point me in the right direction?

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First fursuit head progress!

Well, I finally got the thing carved out and the bottom jaw attached. Woot! Look at those ears! They are perfectly gigantic! The muzzle is a little tiny bit crooked which I noticed in the pics but I shall fix that. The jaw works perfectly too. So here is Inali. Species: Xelorian. Now for the furring and for pics!

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Opinions please?

While I am waiting on the teal fur for my head to arrive, I'm going to go ahead and start my second head and this time, I am going to sell it. :) Since it's going to be going on furbid, should I make it into a fox or a husky? There are so many foxes in the fandom which is why I have a better shot at selling it but there are also a lot of huskies. What do you guys think?
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valdyr and beetlejuice

First fursuit head

Alright. I finally got off my lazy butt and started work on a fursuit. So far, the head is nearly complete -- the fur needs a bit of touching-up in a few places, and I still need to do the insides of the mouth. I am NOT looking forward to that.
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I was just wondering if I could get some comments and critiques on what I have done so far. There's about six hours or so of work into it, mostly because I tried a few techniques for basing the head.

Well. Enough rambling. Here it is. Hope you don't mind link form.

(Note: I don't think I understand LJ cuts, so I'm very sorry if this didn't cut. But I cannot get the cursed things to work... even after reading the FAQ.)