May 30th, 2006


I'm Back

I'm back!!!

I am reviving my old project and from what you can see I am alot further within a week. Tip of the day, Tacky glue takes forever to dry on foam. Anyway, Piccies.

Here is reference of what I am going for,

I'd like help but I don't know anyone local that will charity me assistance and possibly materials. I will go about it as far as I can and refer for help here but theres a hit or miss to that. I am extremely bad at written instruction.
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Stretchy fur?

Does anyone out there know of a source for fur with a two-way stretch? (other than the NFT stuff) The jack-rabbit suit I'm working on has to expand, and I'd rather not put a bunch of pleats or gussets in if I can avoid it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I'm currently starting my first head, a dragon, and I'm wondering how to go about the scales. I remember seeing a head using funfoam for the scales somewhere, and I've decided to use that, but I'm wondering what method would best work. Should I try and layer them? Leave them flat one after another?
Help is appreciated, thank you.

Question on plastic based heads...

So I've been building some heads lately and I'm finding out that I really enjoy doing it and I want to become more serious with this. I was checking out Scribble's site and I was reading how his heads are built with a hand sculpted plastic undershell. This intrigued me and it sounds like fun so I was wondering if anyone knew of the materials on which to do this and if there are possibly any tutorials out there about it. Thanks!
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Chiffon VS Buckram.

I am going to make the eyes for my Yachiru Fursuit soon, but I can't choose from Buckram or Chiffon. For one thing, Both(in my experience) are equally easy to see through. At the Joann Fabric's I go to, the Buckram is much cheaper than the Chiffon. Its much Thicker too!

I might go with Buckram. What do you think? Buckram or Chiffon?

(If you pick either one, be sure to give your reasonings!)

Thanks for looking!
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i need few pieces of buckram. ive checked all my local stores and i cant find any. i havent been able to locate any in this past year.

if anyone has some ( i only need a small amount), i have a few dollars i can paypal you for shipping and such.

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Arcanine is done, for now

My arcanine has been finished for about 4 days now and I found some pictures of it. My camera is being mean right now and I have to wait to buy a new cord to put the videos and pictures onto the computer -Grumble-

First here are some of the inprogress photos(SO MANY BLOODY LINKS!) Click to read more on my costume and stuffers
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Fursuit Head Transportation

I was wondering... What's the most practical, least-damaging way to get a partial fursuit across NYC via subway? As you can probably tell by the question, I live in New York and the subway is my one method of transportation. I'm quite concerned that the head will get bashed up while commuting... Not to mention that it's a very "suspicious", bulky package. What should I do? Should I wrap it up in a garbage bag and some stuff to cushion it, then cram it in a tote bag? Obviously, using something like a luggage bag would be impractical for the subway, and it can't fit into a backpack or anything. Oh, yes, and I have to commute at rush hour >_<

But yes! I'm quite happy that my head is done. It's not really that great, but I love it anyway. It suffers from perpetual excitedness and perkiness... I'll post some pictures as soon as I can!