May 31st, 2006

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Thick tails

There are many kinds of animal tails. Thin and long (eg feline), thin and short (eg canine or equine), long and thick (kangaroos and lizards), poofy (squirrels and skunks), and feather (birds, of course).

And there are at least three different categories of costume tail. The sock that just hangs down, the supported sock that stays in a certain shape and moves from natural hip motion, and the mechanical wagging tail.

I'm looking for a good way to make the kangaroo-type of tail that is the "supported sock" type. The obvious way is to make it thicker by adding stuffing or foam, but wouldn't this make it harder to transport? It wouldn't collapse down very much or very well, I shouldn't think. Is there some way to make these type of tails and make them easy to travel with or ship? Or am I mistaken and these are easy enough as it is?
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Suits I'll be making in the future

As the topic says, this is a list of species for suits that I'll be making in the future when commissions are in a dip. Mostly a list for my benifit, but I thought I'd post it here in case anyone's interested, or wants to play with my ideas before I do!

First - Purple mammoth. Started!

Eastern dragon
Praying mantis
Flying gecko

(no subject)

hello friends. i've some questions that need answering before i start my next costume.

  • are there any methods that allow for a small, tight-fitting head? a balaclava is nice, but i had a problem with jaw sensitivity. the mouth hung open on my last costume. i'm looking to perhaps make an all-foam head.
  • i've heard that all-foam heads have a tendency to flex when the mouth is moved. is there any way to alleviate this problem?
  • i want my costume to have realistic stripes and i don't have access to an airbrush. does fabric acrylic work well with fur?
  • besides lycra bodysuits or anything outlandishly expensive, what works as a good undersuit? would anything do?

    thanks, guys. also - is anyone else going to connecticon?
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    Fursuit Head being Furred

    Whoah, Ive been very busy on this fursuit head xD Im completely done with the foaming and I got the pattern down on tape. Right now Im furring and I think its coming out great so far. I sewed the sems around his eyes but not on top of his head. I still need to cut away some fur though.

    The nose is already installed which I made out of Scupley III and painted black with Acrylic. I also added him some black lips which I made out of a strecthy fabric.

    Collapse )

    Im probably going to finish furring it around November since I want a job in summer. I want to buy long fur for his checks to make him look more like a fox. Ill also use that long fur for his tail.Plus I need to buy him a wig.

    And for those who are still wondering, Im going to make his eyes out of Buckram and probably sew them on.

    Ive also bought a short Katana sword for his Zanpaktou. All I need to do is strip it and put the right color farbics. Its all steel but very dull. As for his cloths, I plan on getting mine commissioned for the OHAYOCON 2007.

    Oh, and I have a fursuit website! Its in the making though. If you want to view more pictures on how my Gin Fox fursuit head is doing, as well as Roleplaywulf's Yachiru fursuit head is doing, go click "Bleach Fursuits" in the "Fursuit" Section. Heres the link.
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    Making bouncy ears!!!

    Okay, I've decided that I'll be making a new Matrices half suit.

    For those who don't know, Matrices is my fox/wolfdog character, but unlike most "folf" creatures, she's more doglike, with a large muzzle, and not-quite floppy ears that can become erect, Very similar to greyhound ears that when relaxed are folded back, but can prick up. She wears clothes in prettymuch all my drawings, so its just best that I just keep her as a halfsuit.

    I'm probably not going to do like my last Matrices mask, where I made her ears prick up via strings that ran down my sleeves. (approx 2mb .avi video of it here)

    This time, I'm going to make the mask out of foam, and incorporate a moving jaw via a plastic canvas mechanism. (I would miss being able to talk in my suit if I made a static jaw. Since Matrices is my 'me' character, she's got my voice) The ears, though, I definitely want to have some sort of movement, but not based on simple mechanics (like strings) or complex mechanics (like motors or servos) .. I simply just want them to remain folded back and be ultra bouncy.

    In my quest for "ultra bouncy" ears, I need a few suggestions, which is why I am posting.

    What do you think would be the best way to make ultra bouncy ears? ... I'm going to make the head to fit my own pretty much exactly. And I've seen some videos of costumed characters with 'bouncy' snouts and some with just floppy ears that are pretty bouncy. Maybe discussing how those were done will help me in my quest for 'ultra bouncy' ears.

    I was thinking I could just make the ears machine-sewn, and use something like ordering a very thin delrin rod that I could make heat-shaped to the same shape as the edges of the ears, and add a washer or some other sort of weighting at the ends, but that would still be pretty rigid. Wires would probably hold the wrong shape if the ears got bumped. And foam sometimes is too rigid once furred to make a good bounce to the ears. I haven't experamented yet, but any other suggestions are welcome!

    Any suggestions on how folks have done it before or videos of other suits with bouncy ears will certainly be helpful.
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    valdyr and beetlejuice

    My hot glue gun has failed me?!

    Alright.. I got the jaw done for the mask and I'm ready to stick the jaws in... but the problem is that I can't find anything not-smelly to get it to stick. I sculpted the jaws out of sculpey, and for some odd reason the glue just won't adhere. Should I just say forget it and douse on the super glue? x.x

    Progress, no piccies.

    I built up the cheeks on my head and its turned out better, thanks to folks here for suggesting that. I saw I needed to do this from the photo's before hand but actually doing it and seeing the end result, it looks great. I wore it and looked in the mirror and it looks perfect. I need to find a way to make the body and feet. I will start with the feet because it seems it will be more like the head, alot of carving and shaping. I am considing using those morning slippers as a base? I will get anti fatigue foam floor to glue to the slipper bottem to in the shape of the foot I am about to foam and shape into feet for my fursuit.

    Sorry, no pics yet. Will when I get someone to take my picture of me wearing my sheppy head.
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    Crayola Model Magic heads?

    Okay, I've never made a suit before, and I lack materials and money at the moment.  I do have this urge to start on a head though, and I only have the model magic at my disposal, and I'm tempted to use it.  I could always fur it when I had the money.  What does everyone else think about this?