June 1st, 2006

Looking For Realistic-Looking Fox Tail

Well, actually, my brother is ;) He bought a realistic fox mask from primalvisions (click HERE to see what a simular one is going to look like) and he's looking to find someone who can make him a realistic-looking fox tail to match.

He's also getting gloves with his mask, they only reach up to his wrists. He wanted to know if someone can also make "sleeves" that would be an extention to the gloves, so he can wear a T-shirt and it'll look like he's got furry arms (if that makes sense?)...He's hoping that the fur colour and texture will match his gloves (you might have to Email him about it, since I don't know what the fur texture/colour is going to be).

The realistic look is absolute *must* for him...he doesn't want it to look toony compared to his realistic mask.

If you think you can help out my brother and would like to contact him and show him some samples of your work, price quotes, and so on, here's his Email address (his name is Rif): rif.fox@gmail.com

Thanks in advance!
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Really long white fur

Ive been trying to look for long fur for Gin's cheeks, tail and neck. But I have'nt been very succestful.

Mind lending me a hand and give me some URL for long white fur appropiate for Fox cheeks? Ill really appreciate it if you do.

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POTATO - Dance! by me


Okay well.. I have 2 really neat ideas for fursuits. (at least.. I think they are neat!)

But I can't possibly think of how to make them. XD I wanted to know what ideas YOU had for these. :)

I have some concept stuff... so I'll post this under a cut.

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Durango Dingo (xpost)

For RCFM this past weekend I finished up a suit for Durango Dingo. He'll also be sporting the suit at AC as well. :) I enjoyed working on this suit and combining a slightly different color combination for a Dingo that I hadn't seen previously. And it's always fun to work on unique critters.

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King Cheetah!

hey everyone! just thought i would pop in and show you all what i just finished today! he is also avaliable if anyone is interested! comes with paws and a tail. just in time for AC.

i really like this guy... i am almost sad to see it go =( everything was hand sewn on this guy too. which means i no offically hate spots lol

pictures behind the cut! there is like 5 or so.

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bunny flop

Needs some advice.

Alrighty well I've been a silent spyer for quite awhile now, and have finally decided to speak up on a few questions I have.

I have read many of the tutorials and have enjoyed watching everyones costuming outcomes over the past year, and well now after some thought (although I am still putting more thought into it) I need some advice from some of the more experienced/ practiced fursuit builders.. More about commissioning than the art of creating these wonderful suits!

I'm considering trying to start up a little stay at home type business of some sort, (I'm paying way too much for babysitting in my current situation and with another one on the way I see it pointless just to go to a job to pay a sitter) And well me being the artsy person I am I would like to do something I am interested and enjoy doing in my spare time for the little bit of spending money I would like to have, plus free me up some time for my own educational advancements in the arts!

My question is. When first getting started, are there any (Primarily heads) That would help to draw in business, and about how many samples are usually required before trying to start going after commissions? Also is it hard to sell off generics as compared to individual commissions?

Also, I know heads can be quite pricey, but I also am aware that some of that cost is attributed to the materials needed to make the head, what I'm wondering is what a good ratio of profit, to materials would be. is it 50/50 like if a head cost 300$ 150$ would go into materials and the other 150 would be the cost of time effort and expertise? Or is it skewed more in one direction or the other?

Also what is the average number of (just heads for now to keep it simple) That can be completed in a month... And also the demand for them IN a month.. Are commissions few and far between or can you usually easily get at least one to do per month? I know this can fluxuate with ability and skills but I just want a rough estimate..

As I said before this is just a nice little stay at home hobby I would love to embark on, and me being the ever cautious one I am just want to kind of get a ball park of what I'm in for before I go out and quit my day job! I'm planning on making a few heads anyways just for fun including one of my ownself :D glee!!

If this is unsuited for this community which seems to be more focused on the actual construction of the suits themselves please make me aware of this, so that I may transfer my questions to the appropriate forum.

Also if those do not wish to discuss their personal business practices in open forum I can be reached by email at anvkit@yahoo.com or on aim/yim as you guessed it Anvikit!

Thank you all in advance for all help :D
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Sakaki and Kamineko

Grey shaggy fur... I needs some!

I've been looking all over the Net for some solid-colored shaggy grey fur(similiar to the super soft shag from Faux Paws) but I can't seem to find any. Even a silver-tipped grey like I've seen on a few wolf fursuits would work I think. I only need enough for a tail(a yard or so by maybe a foot and a half wide) so I could even buy appropriately sized scraps off people. Thanks in advance!
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