June 2nd, 2006

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I have a full suit commish to do and need some help;

WHERE can you get a good quality purple fur, that isnt either shag, fun fur, or that really thin 6 dollar a yard stuff? I have searched every link on the main page, and only found one I thought was suitable, but its 30 per yard, and I think may even still be a touch on the long side. Joanns had some lovely purple at one stage, but I havent seen any there in months. Im going to need roughly 6 yards of it. Something soft and not terribly long is what is prefered.

Last question, if anyone here knows, whats the hooves yahoo group? This suit also requires me to make a set of cloven hooves. I have some ideas, but would like others imputs on how to construct them before I start.
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Digimon fursuit

Hello all, since I'll have 3 months of doing nothing but working part-time, I decided to make my first suit. The character is Guilmon from digimon and so far I haven't seen any suits made of his image. I'm hoping this won't be terribly commplicated and the only thing I'm perplexed about is his marking and the padding I'll have to wear, for he is pudgy. I'll be using Denver Fabrics Ruby Red, Winter White seal fur. It seems short enough. I'd like any suggestions on sewing the markings and how to construct the padded undersuit, thanks in advance. Here's an image of the char. I'll be making some sketches soon also.


Edit: The suit will be digitigrade. So, how do I go about attaching the foam to the undersuit.
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Alright, I was just too excited to wait to update the head. Now it just needs some really minor touch ups; for the most part, its done. I also have a paw done, but I didn't feel like posting pictures of that til the entire costume is complete.

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Cartoon Talmak
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Well I am starting mine as well


I am actively starting to work on my fur suit ... (and since that is what Talmak is ... I am making a snowy Owl one) ...
and I'd like to have the tails and feet ready for Anthrofest (this August in Montreal) ... (I have decided to go modular, to be able to wear part of the suit if I wanted :p

I have a few idea of what I'd like as the pattern for the tail, and have a pair of shoe I can use for a fondation
for the feet as well ... What I am asking for are advices, patterns or thought on this ... particulary on what to use
as padding/stuffing on the tail for it to move ; yet have substance... So far I was thinking of using a few old wire hanger but that is extremely rigid

I am not good at drawing but I can send my preliminary sketches to anyone willing to help...

Thanks in advance :
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First post, first suit!

Howdy all you talented folks! I'm Kabuki, and I am desparate to begin work on my first suit, a chipper lemur with the working name of Kunjufu. I wanted to share my "plans" with ya, to get some feedback. This won't be the first time I have ever had a hand in a suit's construction. A friend of mine has an adorable mutt suit . . . I contributed greatly to the shaping/construction of the head, and had a lot of fun doing so.

Fairly large image under the cut, be warned!

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Unfortunately, in the process of trying to piece the image together, the colors got all fuglied up. The greys are much cooler and darker, not peachy and washed-out.

So yeah. What do you think of the idea? The name? Just as an FYI, The name Kunjufiu means Cheerful and Friendly in an african tongue (can't remember which one ATM, heh), which I thought was fitting. This character is gonna be a blast to play, omfg!!!


major help needed, i have cut out the blue pattern peices for my draco bodysuit, and he has a yellow oval belly patch, how do i go about sewing it or make it for that matter? i am terribly stuck, if anyone could sew the remaining parts for me and put in a zipper, i would pay you for it, i have never done this before so im in need of help, thanks!


heres the body pic: http://i5.tinypic.com/11ifs5t.jpg