June 4th, 2006


Tuft of headfur to finnish off

Final progress, Heads done, now feet. I will make my footpaws now. Be patient with me as for this is my first fursuit and i am building it for myself. To be safe i will display one pic and the rest under links. I hope to be done for FC 07 or before for pre events to test run. I hope sooner because I can't wait to wear him. Wish me luck and speak up if you wanna help.


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Spinning hat


My first prototype for my awesome wolf ear hats is finished! I'll be selling them at a festival in Carthage, MO this Saturday(June 10th), so I have a LOT of work to do this week! More info on the festival is on my site, along with a map!
The hats are to promote my stories called, "Baby Werewolves: Free To A Good Home", which I'll be telling at this art festival. You can see a nice animation of the different angles of the hat in my user icon.
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