June 5th, 2006


New Company?

Well, they probably aren't new, but they're new to me.
I found them via eBay.
They specialize in faux mounts, but they do Realistic Fursuits as well!

The Fursuit: http://schreckensart.homestead.com/custom.html

The Company: http://schreckensart.homestead.com/Carnefx.html

An amazing realistic Faux Clouded Leopard: http://schreckensart.homestead.com/custom2.html

Their work is really incredible (they know their Airbrush!), and in the future, if I ever get rich (ha!), i'd seriously consider them for projects.
Heh...they have a jaguar rug (fake of course) that looks GREAT.--> http://schreckensart.homestead.com/bigcats2.html

Just wondering if this company/person is part of fandom, or if anyone has ordered from them, or if anyone has heard of them before??? (Or am I living in a cave? ;)
Dia purplemoon

Please, follow the rules! (REMINDER FROM THE MODERATOR)

I have to do this once in a while to remind you guys of the rules. Especially on posting pictures. Please only post ONE picture on the main post, any other ones under a link, or LJ-Cut. Please, to save some people's bandwith, make them no bigger than 250x250pixels!

Thanks for being a member of LJ Fursuit! 1067 members strong!

Here are the general rules:

The Few Rules:
* Please, keep it PG. (aka "work safe")
* Please, ONLY ON TOPIC posts! Keep it on Fursuits you have built, Tutorials, or questions on how to build them, only.
* Feel free to show any "HOW TOs" on creating things. THIS is what the community was made for!
* For showing off your work, please limit the front of the post to ONE small picture (please, no larger than 250px by 250px), then for multiple pictures, please use the LJ-cut or just link the URL to the pic.
* Also if you are showing off your work, PLEASE, don't post day after day after day with your progress, Show us by week, or just the finished product.
* For FURSUIT AUCTIONS, please post to fursuitauctions! If you're looking to buy or sell fursuits or costume items, join that community!
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I am new at fursuits. Looking at everyones creations inspires me to make one for my self just for fun. One problem I have no money and my parents think it is silly to do as a hobby and I have no ideas on which fursuit I should build.
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Tony Stark - FIERCE

Displacer ferret bodysuit

All righty! Finally got the bodysuit done for this cute, fuzzy monstrosity. It's half displacer beast (from D&D), half ferret and all snuggles. X3 The only things I have left to finish are the feetpaws and the head. Many thanks to obliviousally for braving the sewing machine for me. I hate that thing. :P

Collapse )

Sadly the flash doesn't bring out the cool part of the tentacles, the little nubs on the end. But I have another pic showing them off.

Collapse )

Expect to see him in all his freakish, tentacle-y glory at AC.
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quick search

i know this is off topic of fursuit but its the only way i have a chance of finding this person since this fur watches this group. are there any foxes with rainbow ears that has gone to the anime boston convention? thanks.
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