June 7th, 2006


Working on fursuit feet, sole carved out now

No piccy's this time but I already cut out the feet. Its the size of my biggest and widest shoe and 1 inch extra all around for rhe size of the faom. I will carv me some pads for the feet bottem, It will be awhile because i decided to give up for the night in hopes to be more in the mood tomarrow. Thanks for your interest
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Fur suggestions

Well, as soon as Im done with my Ichimaru Gin fursuit, Im planning on making another, this time Zaraki Kenpachi wolf, or werewolf as I recall. Ill be wearing this fursuit for the next Anime Convention in Ohio, which is the Ohayocon 2008. I know this is going to be a BIG project and will cost me a heck of alot of money but Im up for a callenge.

Ive actually already sketched him out and it came out great. But, seeing that hes going to be a big project, Ive actually commissioned a person to draw a side, front and tilt view of him and let me tell you, the commission came out looking awesome! Below is a sketch of my commission and Im looking forward for the completed picture.

Sketch of my commission

Seeing that I have lots of planning to do, I actually need help on fur suggestions. Im going to make him gray and I need really short fur for him. I also need long gray fur of the same color and possibly black too.

Mind lending a hand and helping me look for URL sites on what Im looking for? Ill really appreciate it you did.
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