June 8th, 2006


tails an or ears anyone?

now gonna try doin tail an ear commissions ^.^ weee, or maybe even trades hey that be cool too

tails start at $20
lose ears (not attached to anything) start at $10
ears on band (can put on plastic or cloth band) start at $15

NOTE:Those are the only things im confident on making right now.A few ppl have asked me for paw sets. After i make a few more sets i will offer them for commission.Dont have any pics of ears yet sorry.
Can make feline,wolf an fox tails.Ask i maybe be able to do something different if given reff pic ^.^.Cant do wires or curvy tails yet.Maybe soon but not now. Poly filled an soft with added band to attach to belt.

pic of all the fur i have right now, so i could start right away, but i can always get my paws on the fur you need. ^.^

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I seem to blab a lot so im stopin before i annoy everyone, just aim,note or email me with any questions ^.^

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Finally venturing into making my own suit.... but not of my own character. hmmm. this is going to be a mix between lion-sora, and halloween town sora. from kingdom hearts.... i should probably take a picture of my little doodle... here we are:


so that's roughly what i'm hoping to come out with ^ ^'' i need fur. these crazy little towns in the middle of nowhere Maine sure don't have any! >:E

i need three fur colours...
feetpaws, muzzle, and tummy...
err... enough for his head, and a shirt... and feetpaws
and this... i need only a very small amount, but it's so expensive D: i need this just for a bit of tuft, and the tip of his tail....

so... can anyone help me? does anyone have furs similar to these for a bit cheaper... and can send them to me quickly? i didn't know it'd be so tough to find furs -o- bleh!

oh! what's that stuff called... buckram? i need just enough for his eyes... can anyone help me there?

okay i should stop now.... Dx i bet i'm being kind of a pain. thankyou very much to anyone who can help! oh! maybe i can do some art for some people too, if that'll help ^ ^
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Nox- animated rain

Blaez head complete!

I just finished up Blaez! I will be shipping him tomorrow.
The goal of this head was to make a semi realistic fox that used the wearer's own eyes. Black stage makeup will be used to disguise the transition from face to mask.

I sculpted and cast this head base in cold foam. I am keepng the mold, and will be taking commissions for these heads in the future.
The hair is crepe wool, and the braid is fake hair (used for looose extensions and dread making).
He has a taxidermy jawset.
All markings are dry brushed on using a fan brush and Createx airbrush inks.

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I am really happy with him. He is my first attempt at anything realistic, and my second ever furred head.

Thanks for looking!


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Sulu After the adult party

New Fursuit!

Well, I'm wrappin up my otter fursuit and getting all the final detais in place and already I want to start another suit. Especially now since a freind of mine let me borrow his copy of Adam Riggs' Critter Costuming. I want to design a character specifically to be made into a suit. I want it to be a very cute and cartoony, and an animal that will be popular among children so that I can do proformances at children's hospitals and charity events and the like. However, I seem to have hit a wall. I can;t think of which critter I want to go with. So I'm asking for animal suggestions as well as any other sort of miscellaneous advice for creating a kid friendly character.