June 9th, 2006


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Scrap bags up for grabs:

I've got to clean out some of my fur scraps! I'm positively drowning in them - had too many projects and not enough small ones over the last month or so. Also, I need rent money *cough* Anyway. The scraps themselves will be big enough to do an ear, or long enough to do a decent stripe, at the very least. No teeny tiny useless bits. (unless you want those for cheap stuffing - tell me!)

A plastic grocery bag stuffed full I'll send off for $30, that's including shipping via air mail.
I've also got a huge heap of boxes, and I can do very small to very large boxes full until all my scraps are gone. Those will range in price shipping-wise from about $25 for a small box to $70-80 for a big one stuffed really full.

Just thought I'd offer on here before I make up the boxes and sell them on FurBid. :)

Also, I've just gotten hold of some "ostrich" fur... It's positively the WEIRDEST stuff ever. about 1 inch pile in a really, really pale pink, then has guard hair tendrils of about 3 inches in dark purple, and guard hair spots in a sort of... weird reddish pink. It sounds horrible, but it looks really interesting, and it's the SOFTEST stuff ever! I'm just completely and utterly stumped as to what to do with it. Perhaps part of a bird of paradise, as someone suggested before? I think my design chip is corrupted. Error... Error... Cannot find drive Z... *bleep*

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Kayto Okapi, complete! The person the suit is for is bigger than me (I'm quite small) so the suit will fit them better. Next time I hope to have more time so I can get a friend that is more the right size to model it for me. More stuff tomorrow to show you all (two more partials being finished up).

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Next suit, Karo roo. Complete! Sorry for the crap photos, the green blew out all the pictures and the neck on the suit was tucked in weird. I didn't have time to fix it and get more shots. =/ And yes, I know roo's don't have pawpads. It was cuter with em though. =)

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head size

Hi all, I have been lurking for a while now, and just recently completed my own big bad wolf semi toony fursuit. I will post pics as soon as I figure out how to take them usng my video camera( I need a memory card). As always, all I can say is WOW, you guys are all so TALENTED!!! I am in awe. But I digress, lol I was wondering how you all do your heads for sale. My friends all want me to make them heads, and I dont know whether to just make the head to fit me,.or measure there head circumference...as I want my heads to be able to fit a number of people, so I was wondering if there was a universal size that everyone just used?????? Any help will be much appreciated. And all of the tips and pics have been invaluable to me, I bow to your skillz.........lol
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Fox suit has had a makeover!

I was fed up with it looking... well, creepy, to be honest. So, new eyes and new nose, and she looks a lot happier now. I'm definitely making head #3 at some point, which will be a remake of this one but designed to be cartoony and cute, rather than adapted to be so. Trying to give a head new eyes without them looking glued on is not easy! (and I don't think I managed it, IMHO).

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hey gang!

i found a pretty cool glass eye feature.

eye blanks!

the site says that they're suitable for self-painting and they come in a variety of sizes. unfortunately, they don't have round pupils. good news for our feline friends: they do have slit pupils! just thought i'd share. it'll give you a great range of custom-ability and still look realistic without the hassle of making them yourself!

CORRECTION! http://www.kl-glasaugen.de/ sells blank eyes with round pupils. enjoy!
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