June 10th, 2006

Haha I laugh at you!

Glass eyes?

Was browsing the interweb for eyes, for next suit.
I've came across these:
(thank you Growly for the website link. Very useful :))

I have shown mom the eyes. And she wasn't sure if the eyes were of any good source of viewing through.

What do you guys think?
I'd like to find eyes just like those above, without screwing up with coloring and customizing my own. So.
Would Glass eyes be any good when it comes to viewing through?

Thanks for your help.
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"Novelty" fur

I have a suit in mind that came to me out of the blue...no pun intended. I looked at all my local craft stores and none of them had the fur I was looking for. I happened upon this blue fur.

It says "novelty" does that mean it's the "fun fur" people talk about? The fur has silver thread accents but for the suit I would like to make...it would be ideal. And for good measure, since I'm blurry on the topic what IS fun fur because I'm not exactly sure I've run across any yet. (maybe I have but according to my parents, I have expensive taste and seem to automatically jump to the most expensive object in my line of sight. *laughs*

Thank you guys!!

What head method should I use for this fursuit?

My next fursuit will be a very difficult, due to all the heavy detail. I want to know what Method I can use to make the head of this character:
Sketch of my commission
I commissioned this picture from a man on a Cosplay Website. This character is Kenpachi Zaraki from BLEACH as a werewolf.

I want to avoid the Plastic canvas/foam technique because I know it will come out horrible for me at least.

Thanks in advanced.

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did anyone here make a hyena head in te past and have pics? i remember seeing one, but cant find it now, links please thanks! and is anyone open for head commisions or fullsui commisions and there prices?