June 11th, 2006


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Wow... it's my day for posting today.

Anyway, I'm now in need of at least two metres/yards of lavender fur. -Preferably- shag, but if it's medium pile or even on the longer side of short pile that's fine too. Just asking because there's none on ebay, and I can't shop at places like disctinctivefabrics because they don't ship to Australia.


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NevarRaven's system cat! Feet will be completed later this month when the fur arrives, and a bodysuit will be made late this year.

LED's in the eyes and the claws. Not great pictures here sadly (I was in a rush) but Nevar can get us some better ones later. =) Video link at the end.

http://www.quadrupedaljellybean.com/062006/system/hmmcaticon.jpg http://www.quadrupedaljellybean.com/062006/system/systemicon.jpg

If someone can convert this video to a .mov, that'd be great. E-mail it to rosequoll@gmail.com if you can!

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Okay... So how do you keep fursuiting materials and related costuming stuffs from eating up a workspace? 'Cos after working on my first partial( Seem my icon... it's not a complete disaster but it's not pretty either), the room that I was using became extremely messy and cluttered. It took me two days of really hard work to clear the floor a little bit and I want to make a second, better suit over the summer. 'Cos, even though summer is gonna be busy for me, I'm insane :/

The thing is, I really need the space for studying. And finals are coming up so I need it even more =(


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Just a heads-up for US fursuiters - I found this auction today and it looks like a good deal, even if the photo's a bit dodgy. 13 yards of purple shag fur, and the bid price is only at $79!

That's HUGE value! I mean, I'd love some myself, but not only do I not have the dosh, I don't live in the US!


Anyway, hope that helps someone! Might want to get a few people together to put money towards it and split up the lot.