June 12th, 2006

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Doublesuit is finished!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is the first two-person suit in existence. Maybe I'm the only one crazy enough to want to do this! So, here it is: Snuggles Rotterdobe (feat. semjay)!
That's a Rottweiler on the left and Doberman on the right (me!).

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The last page of pictures can be found here.

It looks like we finished this suit just in time for AC! Expect to see this one in the parade! I know there are a LOT more pictures of this suit out there, because we debuted it Saturday night at the local monthly bowling meet, and at one point there had to have been six cameras going all at once while we posed. But I know somebody out there is unhappy with the suit, probably because nobody gave him a ride. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it a lot! Especially since that meant they actually had a chance at bowling better than me for once. (facepalm)

Walking in the suit is like a permanent 3-legged race. Well... obviously. We had to organize walking, but doing it in the house was really difficult. We spent more time trying to turn around in place than walking anywhere. Turning around is incredibly difficult the first few times because the outside feet and center foot have to pivot at different times. However, once we got going, it was all good. Balance isn't really an issue in suit because contrary to "popular belief", we are actually hugging in suit. This helps in case one of us loses balance, which happened a few times. No spills, though! Although there was one close-call where I ended up losing two toes (...from the paw), but that's a quick glue gun job right there. Trying to bowl- now THAT was a disaster! Hee hee. However, all the snuggles we got made up for it.

I could have kept suiting like that for a long while, but it was getting hot, so we called it quits after a little bit. My first thought after switching to my regular suit: "holy crap I have a left arm again!"

It looks like this suit was a huge success. We hope you guys like it as well! All he needs is a background history, but perhaps that's best left to those with a vivid imagination. I plan to write a tutorial for this later. Maybe I'll think of an outline today at work... See you guys at AC!
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Maybe you guys can help me. I am making a partial to wear for this years Midnight Sun run. Last year I made a partial to go as a sled dog. This year I am going to be a Pizzly bear...if you didn't hear about this one in the news, it was the first ever found polar bear/grizzly hybrid. Sadly it was shot. :-(

But that is beside the point. What I need help on is some witty saying to go along with the rest of the costume...I was thinking something not too jaded about global warming (since this is the only reason why polar bears and grizzlies would mate...climate change). The funnier the better.

Thanks guys!

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heyllo, heres a dragon that I have been working on for awhile.
his mane is made from silver, grey and white feather yarn.
he has padded paws with 11 hand sewn paw pads on each paws.
his horns are made from soft viynl.
we'll thought i'd share him with you all.

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Next month, Fur shopping!!! Help me please

Hi all,

I just got done making the right foot for my fursuit, the other foot I had to scrap and start over on. Reason is that originally I had oversized pointed footpaws, that didn't work beause it snagged everytime I took a step and that the feet ended up too loong and big. I corrected my footpaw problem and am ready for furring.

I stopped at the Dollar Tree and found some gloves that would work if I take them apart for the pattern, there might be easier ways. I would like poofy paws but how is that done? I guess i outline my hand from the one inch thick foam and after carving out the hand, slit it in half and re'glue the outsides so my hand can fit inbetween the half inch slabs. I think I should.

I am ready to shop for fur material, Now I need your help. I need to shop for fur and advised by me size how much material I need and colors. I am a German Shephard so I need Tan short fur, Tan Long fur and Black short fur and Black long fur.
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SUPER happy

Critter Country

*Drum roll*

Critter Country is up and running!

My company web site is finally in full swing, please feel free to have a look around.

(More images will be updated shortly)
Let me know what you all think.

Now it's back to finishing these current projects, in between the performance gigs that is.


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