June 15th, 2006


Articulated Jaw Experiment ^^

Since I'm going to attempt a full suit over the summer, I decided to make a 'practice' partial and head... And I wanted to experiment with articulated jaws on mesh heads. I got the idea for having part touch the chin from the Memories section, there was a post by Rosequoll about how to do it and her jaws are awesome ^^

There's a great way to make the jaw 'track' to the movement of the mouth! You take a piece of balsa wood and make a little thingamajig that goes beneath the jaw and also rests right in that indentation that's under your lips... near the chin... The jaw gives it a little more power and the chin-part helps it to 'track' really well to the mouth movements... I don't have a ton of mouth movement on the head but I'm still working on it.

The piece of wood gets attached to the lower jaw of the fursuit and it sorta looks like this: 
            ___  <touches the chin
---------- < This part goes under the chin

I just thought I'd share, I bet that someone else could refine the design and make it
muchlots more effective and better.