June 16th, 2006

new head

hey! here is my newest head for Captian_jangles, his name is Itchy the blue dog and he was made on a mesh and foam base from Perro's tutorial, i will be using that way from now on. They were my first plastic bowl eyes, he has great vision, room to breath, and easy to put on, unlike some heads i had problems with. and a quick question, can i get some suggestions for another head? other than my horse i have no ideas what to make, so any ideas? i like regular animals and scary/mythical ones, already have dragons and gryphons so im not going to make that.

So without further adiou(speling?) here's Itchy!

positive comments welcome, also i had JUST ENOUGH blue seal fur so i didnt use the duct tape way of furring, i used perro's way for the ears(i used duct tape to be sure) and just placed fur down on the head in blue for that. But its my best Since Khann so far. Shaggy Griffon Studios is moving along!


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For anyone out there who gets a ton of commissions, what is the best way to advertise that you're doing commissions? o_o; I've tried posting on Deviantart and hte like, but I haven't gotten many commissions, at least not definite ones. I was thinking furbid, but I don't know o_o;

Also, would platic mesh make better heads for auctions? I like doing balaclava heads, but I made one as a commission for my friend, and it barely fit her, and when someone else tried to wear it, it ripped. Or is there any sort of one-size-fits-all way to make balaclava heads?
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