June 17th, 2006


little updates.

Past few days I was so ill and depressed I just didn't feel like getting out of bed for anything. I am so glad I forced myself up and went around to do things. I have 31 inches of long black fur, looks about enough for a tail. I also got three yards of 1/4 inch foam sheet for my hand paw project with enough left over for a second set and to cover another fursuit head. I completed my footpaws, theyre super awsome and really cute too, I couldn't resist kissing them. I ordered some coveralls on ebay and found them too small for me, so I have an extra 2-XL coveralls I can barter with with other fursuiter as an easy was to pattern on for fursuit body suit.

I usually like writing up to three paragraphs of stuff but I am stuck on what else to talk about, chow for now.
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